Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy, I just finished my 8th transfer and feel like I am a bagillion years old...

July 30, 2013
Dear family,

What an exciting week!  I am so glad to hear that the reunion was a success!  At least, that is what it seemed to say in your quick little emails :)  So cool that you got to visit the Herber's and everything. I love them.  I have a picture with Lea in it and I always tell everyone about how she is our sister, and it is funny. Not like... hilarious... but just funny.

Here are some pictures from this week. This is our friend Ferenc, he is an artist, and he is the coolest.

This is me and sister maxfield outside of the new branch house.  love it.  super gorgeous:

Yesterday, we had an investigator say, I would like to be baptized and pick a date for when that can happen.  WOOOOW.  That was really cool.  I mean, totally wish that he had time today so I could be here with him... but that isn't going to happen.

Oh.  I am being transfered. I am going to Debrecen!  Coool.  President Monson talked about Debrecen in his talk, so that is kind of a cool little connection.  I am really excited to go.  I am going to be with a girl in her 2nd transfer, so I hope that we have a really good time together.  I will admit... packing is going to be really hard.  Turns out I have tooons of winter stuff.  Oh well.  I am going to need it!  You know?  December will be cold.  Speaking of weather... I think my skin is going to sweat off.

People love eating soup here.  It is like... super hot outside, we go inside, and there is a little fan, and like, 8 of us sitting around a table, eating soup.  We just drip sweat.  So gross.  So nasty.  I just try to look presentable... you know?  Ha.  We will see how that all works out.  

Oh.  Hahahaha.... Our shower is like leaking.  That really isn't funny.  But, the plumber is supposed to be coming to our apartment today to fix it and i got scared that he would turn off our water.  Luckily, I couldnt sleep at all last night, because it is really hot, and I never sleep well the night before transfers, so I figured, might as well do my laundry!  So, luckily I got all that taken care of.

We had a really awesome week here.  We have someone getting baptized, we have another one praying about a date, and we keep meeting with people on the streets!  Love it.  Everything is going super great.  We will see what the work brings to us in Debrecenland.


Sok szeretettel,

Kennedy nővér

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