Monday, July 15, 2013

All in well in Szegedland.

                                                            July 1, 2013
Happy Year on the mission!  Here is my little party in Mexico.  It actually has been surprisingly cool here lately... so that is nice.  Look.  I am wearing a sweater.  But, you know, that is how life is sometimes.  I would like to thank everyone for praying for the weather to cool down... sorry that the heat just ended up coming your way.  That is too bad.  I would pray for you... but I am scared that could just send the heat right on back!!

This week has been super crazy.  Sister Maxfield wanted to go for Super Standard, so we went for it!  We had everything lined up--except for the recent converts of less actives.  I always feel like they are the hardest to find.  So, we just started looking, you know?  We called a lot of people, but after everyone rejected us, it came down to the fact that we needed to just start going up to their doors--you know--remind them of how they probably met the missionaries in the first place.  We were able to get two planned out of it, such a huge blessing, and we were able to talk to this one guy that told us--oh, i gave up that church two years ago.  What?!  We just talked to him, and it was the weirdest thing.  I felt as though he had been working, everything had been going great, but he was maybe a little wishy washy, and then he got oended, which gave him the opportunity to leave.  so interesting.  I still don't understand it completely.  He probably also doesn't understand it all completely either.

I had a really interesting coversation this week with a missionary.  We were just talking about time (super appropriate because I reached my year mark and he goes home soon), and everyone has been allotted the same amount of time, but some poeple drag their feet through the years, some people like it and stuff, but some people love it.  We just talked about actually using the time you have been allotted and loving it.  Doing everything you can to enjoy the ride, but doing everything you can to really make it your own.  A lot to think about for the next six months.  So much to live for, so I gotta do it!!

I am so jealous to hear of everyone's adventures this week.  Aunt Dorothy sent me the itinerary for the family reunion this year.  I informed her that I would, unfortunately, not be able to attend.  It looks like the brothers and rachel are just partying until the end--eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow rachel is going on a mission.  Hope that her visa and everything comes in.  I will make sure to pray for the specificly, now that I know it is a problem.  I hope everyone is playing hard, but being safe, because life is fragile, as you all know.

I am trying to think about which crazy person I should talk about this week...  We seriously talked to so many different and unique people.  It was incredible.  We met with someone, for the first time, and we invited him to get baptized.  And he said yes.  WHAT?!  So cool.  At first he said, what?  i dont understand... and then we cleared up the Hungarian, and then he totally accepted.  Really excited.  The work here is like, exploding!  We met this super cute girl on the street and told her about how we teach english, but we also want to teach people of God.  She got really excited, and thought it was so cool.  She asked if we might even be able to meet individually and talk about what we believe in.  I said yes.  She came to church on Sunday.  I gave her a Book of Mormon, and the she gave it back.  She explained that she has tests this week, and if she got that book she would just read it and woudn't study.  I mean, there are worse things in the world, but we're meeting with her after her tests and we are going to be able to just keeping sharing the good news with her.  All is well in Szegedland.

Oh.  Fourth of July is on Thursday.  That means we are teaching the National Anthem for English class!!  God bless America.  May we always live worthy of His blessings.

Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy nővér

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