Monday, July 15, 2013

And the highlight of the week... I made soup!

July 15, 2013
Dear family,

Don't fret!  Everything is going great in Hungaryland.  Lately I have been able to have the honor of learning to make Hungarian food.  This week I made fruit soup!  This is my friends Géza.  Missionaries in Szeged absolutely ADORE Géza.  He is an awesome cook, and he loves sharing his talents with us :)  We had to use his absolute largest pot to make this fruit soup, but now I know how and now I can impress all the kiddies when I get home!Inline image 2

Super glad to hear about Rachel and her going out into the big world as a missionary.  It is the hardest and the best thing ever.  People can tell you whatever they want about it... but you just have to experience it!  Give 'em heaven.

We had all of these people we were planning on finding today.  We call them look-ups.  We street and then we try to look them up.  I feel like it is pretty self explanatory.  So!  We were walking, talking to people, when I saw some lady on the bench, and I talked to her.  Exciting.  I told her we were missionaries and then I said, we're Mormons.  And she said she had heard about us, and then she said, i have a few minutes, what do you have to say?  Boom!  I felt like I was in the MTC again.  Except now... I can actually speak the language a little more than, Tudom, ez igaz.  But I pulled out the Book or Mormon and just sat down next to her on this bench.  I testified of how it is true, and how we can get the answers to our questions from this little book.  When I told her I wanted to give it to her as a gift, she like, freaked out.  She said it was a "drága" book.  Drága means like expensive, but also dear, so I told her that is exactly what it was.  A really precious, dear book, and that is why she needed to have it.  She flipped through it to check for the price tag, and then accepted it saying that she likes to read.  I love stories like this.  I have her phone number, and we will see what happens, but just for that moment we had a really special moment, you know?

Transfers are in two weeks, so I will be letting you know about that on the last day of July.  We will see where I go and what happens!  I would guess, if I had to, that I am leaving.  But, one can never be to sure about these things.  

Last week, on Friday, I called President Smith about going to watch our investigator train.  He is this super awesome 13 year old that is a speed skater!  I fully thought we would go watch him this week--but listen to this little miracle!!  Our day had went really weird and I started making phone calls, and we ended up calling asking if we could get permission to go watch our friend train.  So, after our phone call, Sister Maxfield called his mom, and she was like, oh, I am not going next week at all, but I am going right now!  As I said, our day went weird, and so our night was open.  She picked us up, we talked about her relationship with God, we found our where she lives, it was like, so crazy!  really, not a lot happened, but then at the same time it felt like so much.  Plus it was so cool to watch him practice.  He wants to go for the Olympics.  Kind of cool.  We will see how everything plays out there :)

This is random.  I talked to a lady with radiation poisoning.  I listened to her, and she said that no one can understand what it means.  So, it was cool to testify of the Plan of Salvation and about my relationship with grandpa.  That was nice.

Little miracles.  That is where it is at!!  God can work huge miracles, because He is almighty and powerful, and such, but the fact that he works small miracles from day to day, that is where it really is at.  God loves us all so much, we just have to stay aware to it.

Sok szeretettel,
Sister Kennedy (the older one :) )

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