Monday, July 15, 2013

Not much to say... but I sent pictures...

                                                                           July 8, 2013

In news for this week: Sister Maxfield and I were trying to plan and everything and hadn't planned dinner, so we called in pizza.  And we decided to get the largest pizza we could.  I obviously have no sense of understanding the metric system, and we got the largest, a 60 cm, pizza. Here is one little slice :)

Well.  I am really sorry, but I dont have much time to write this week.  Please don't be upset!!

Everything is going well, as always, and I am super happy.  I see the Lord in my life, and I receive strength from Him, and I think that is what needs to be happening, you know?

This is me on the super awesome trolley car here in town.  So old school.  It is just some random summer thing, and that it pretty fun.  Pretty cool.  I feel like one of my arms looks fake... but, what can you do?  Life has just got to go on.  While riding it, I learned how to say, lean out a window, and to spit tobacco.  Apparently those were problems in the day.

This week we celebrated America.  Angolóra was great.  I read a story about what my family does on the fourth of July.  The story was really simple.  We celebrate freedom and watch fireworks.  Ha.  I guess that was the jist of that story!

I had an investigator pass away, so that was a big thing to deal with.  It is hard working with the family, but such a delight because we really love them.  I was reading Henry B. Eyring's talk, the Caregiver, and I really was like, this is so good.  We really feel and understand love when we serve.  I love this little family more than anything, and we are still working with them and still serving them and helping them in all that we can.  It is really fun.

Visited an adorable family this week!  Me and the little girl were matchy matchy!!

So much fun.  I love the mission.  Definitely the best thing ever.  I would recommend anyone go and do it... especially if they are going to the airport in like... 8 days.

Nos.  Puszilak!
Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy nővér

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