Monday, October 29, 2012

It snowed!

Dear family and friends,

Today was pretty exciting.  Yesterday, it was daylight savings, so we got to sleep in an extra hour!  So, this morning, I woke up early because my body isn't adjusted yet--and!  I looked out the window and what did I see?  A whole bunch of snow!  Thank goodness I am finally going winter clothes shopping... ha.  I know, I have been talking about it for weeks... and weeks... but it is finally happening!  So, when I have less monies in my bank account, that is why.  Anyways... SNOW!  I am sure I will hate it in a couple of weeks, but for now it is good.

Thanks to everyone that sent me such great emails!  I will address everyone by name and slowly work my way through.  Darliece.  You really are marrying a babe!  Best of luck with the wedding.  I really love the pictures that you sent me, and I am really excited to see pictures of the big day!  I think having a big wedding dinner would be so cool.  Hopefully all goes well.  Lindsay.  Your baby is getting HUGE!  She is so adorable.  James is such a goober, but I am glad you supported him and your letting your little girl dress up from Dr. Who.  Oh Halloween.  So fun!  Sis. Ellis.  My mom forwarded your email, it is so exciting to hear about the Hungarians coming into the MTC!  Unfortunately, they aren't going to be as cool as our district, but so is life.  Sis. Gerke.  Sister Kimball was so excited to hear me mention you!  It is always exciting to know similar people.  Oh my goodness.  I can't imagine all of the growth about to happen at the MTC!  Good thing President Nally got a nice break before he starts in January... ha.  And tell Rob to be a man and send me a letter.  That would be nice.  

Had no idea Grandma was in Canada.  My favorite thing about Canada is that it is America's hat.  Exciting to be involved with temple work, and hopefully she really enjoys it.  Grandma sends the best emails!  This week it was full of colors and a fun jack-o-lantern picture at the bottom.  I saw my first jack-o-lantern of the year last night!  We went to a member's house and they had just made it.  It was fun.  Straight up, just a face, but it was really charming.  Turns out I miss American holidays.  Rachel.  Your birthday sounded incredible.  As for clarification... I never met Elder Saunders, but you can let him know that I am in Kecskemét, if you forget just say it is a city with goat in the name, and I have seen his name on a couple of things I think.  He was just a little bit before my time.  But, that is still so fun that you are in the same ward!  Small world!  I love Thriller.  Is Campbell still dancing with Odyssey?  I am also super stoked to hear about your birthday.  Shoot!  Sounds super jam packed full of fun stuff.  I read that and literally had no idea how you were able to do everything that you did.  Good work.  It sounds golden.  Also.  I still love your hair.  You are the best!  Best of luck with your audition video.  I tried to describing to a member how you were auditioning to be a performing missionary in Nauvoo.  But, I don't know how to say "to audition" or "to perform" (technically I can say "to perform" like you would perform an ordinance... but it just doesn't work out...) and turns out I don't know how to say Nauvoo with a Hungarian accent, so after talking about how there are missionaries that sing and dance and you wanted that, my companion saved the day and said you were auditioning and she conveniently filled in all of the gaps.  SENIOR COMPANIONS ARE THE GREATEST!  I say as much as I can and do my best, and then Sister Kimball just fills in the gaps.  It is nice.  Matthew.  Remember that time a hurricane went through the city you lived in and all you did was buy candles?  Ha.  Best of luck.  I will pray for you.  I absolutely loved looking at all of the pictures from Halloween stuff.  Mom and Dad.  Sad to say, you could do a little bit better at sending me some pictures.  I would love to see your Halloween costumes (afterall, they were award winning) and I am still waiting to see your campaign stuff...  Best of luck with that!  I am praying for you, and I hope you can get everything out that you need to.  Just remember as you are walking around handing out flyers, that I am doing something very similar (the differences are that my legs are freezing, and I don't understand everything everyone says).  But I really am so glad to hear about everything in the big ol' BC.  Best of luck finishing up your mission!  You reached your year mark!  Wow.  Cherish every minute--It will be gone before you know it.

Sister Kimball and I had sore throats and swallowing was really hard, so we decided to get some fruit tea.  I got black current.  It tasted funny and I decided I probably wouldn't get that flavor again.  Sister Kimball had some the next day, and because she is so smart, she realized it tasted weird because it had real tea in it.  Awesome.  So... That was an embarrassing moment in my life.  Breaking the Word of Wisdom is the worst!

Let me tell you about my new companion.  Her name is Rachel Marie... Eerie.  She is from Spanish Fork.  She was in Mr. Bradshaw's choir, so we have talked a little bit about that, and she has a fantastic voice.  She has been in Hungary since December, and it makes me so happy when she messes up on Hungarian because she just laughs and then whoever we are talking with helps her to figure out.  It is really nice, because now I feel confident enough to talk and mess up.  I love messing up.  It means I am trying.  Sister Kimball wants to be a teacher, or something that helps other people, when she grows up.  She is a dancer, and danced at BYU.  She is really happy, and she loves missionary work, so I love her.

I feel like Sister Kimball and I are working really well together.  We have had a lot of cool experiences.  She is so different from Sister Jeppson.  Programs just go differently.  I learned so much from Sister Jeppson, and I am already learning lots from Sister Kimball.  I am excited because I am beginning to really notice how to be the missionary I want to be.  It is really exciting working with a new companion though, and things are going swell.  We went to a baptism in Szolnok on Saturday.  It was incredible.  Sister Kimball had found both of them, and taught them all the way through, but because of a holiday they couldn't be baptized when initially planned, so we got to go.  The whole service was at a hotel.  We met in a conference room before and had a small program, the four sisters there sang A Child's Prayer (I was one of them!), and then we went to the pool for the baptisms.  Two young men from the branch held up a sheet to cover some inappropriate art on a wall, and I was so grateful the the people there really wanted to have the spirit present.  There was a teenage girl that got baptized, and then a woman, and it really was so incredible.  I saw two of God's children acting and following Christ's example.  It was beautiful.  I could feel God's love testifying to me that this is the work I need to do.  I need to invite people to come unto Christ, and people come to Christ through baptism.  I am so grateful I got to go.  

The work in Kecskemét is going.  I love it!  We are having a Halloween Party tomorrow after English class.  We are hoping the people from English class will stay and that the members in the ward will bring friends to get into the building.  I know that if people can get in the building and feel the spirit, they will be inclined to think, what is different here?  What makes this church special?  Answer--It's Christ's true church on the earth today.  Love it.  Last night we went out to a members house and we just shared a small message and then left.  We missed the bus, and were on the outskirts of town, so we just waited.  It was raining and we were standing under the bus shelter.  Up walked a teenage boy.  Sister Kimball got on the phone.  She had dared to me to give a boy at the last stop an Angolóra flier, but he left before I could get it for him, so this time, I decided to talk to him.  It was really great!  I asked him if he spoke English, we talked about school and what we like, Sister Kimball joined the conversation, we talked about religion, and then he let us get his number from him and we said we would love to meet with him later.  Isn't that amazing?  I asked a teenage kid if he spoke English, we talked about life, were able to discuss religion and why we are in Hungary, and we are hoping to meet with him later this week or next.  So exciting.  The Lord is preparing people, we just have to talk to everyone to find out who they are.

I love you!  Always serve.  Magnify callings.  Ask the missionaries if you can help give them or give them a ride or something.  Say hi to new people at church.  Even if they aren't new, they probably would like having new friends anyways.  Oh.  And do your home teaching and visiting teaching.  THAT IS SO IMPORTANT!

Kennedy nővér

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I took a shower today!

Dear Family,

Please be so excited with me that I got to take a shower!!  On Thursday, my companion got to take a shower, only to realize the hot water didn't work.  Haha.  So, we tried to fix it and it definitely did not work, so we called the landlord.  She told us she would have someone over in a couple hours or something to get it checked out.  She called us later that day to give us the number of the guy we could contact.  So.  We set up a time for him to come over and he tinkered around for a little bit on Friday, only to realize he would need more tools for what he had to fix.  He came over again on Sunday to finish everything and get it all cleaned up--only to find out that it was actually a really intense problem involving more than just our water heater--but the whole heating system for our apartment.  Awesome.  So, he came back this morning and got everything working!  I took a shower.  It was glorious.  It was warm.  We had been warming water on the stove and trying to make that work... Meh.  Showers are incredible.  I guess I need to be more grateful for all of the little things I have.

This is Tamás.  English is his passion. He loves talking about
science articles,and he has a huge vocabulary--some words he
tries to use I don't even know what they are.  Maybe they
aren't real. Scientists make up words, right?
We are hoping to take Tamás to the baptism on Saturday.
We will see how that goes.  Well, we hope.
The bishop's wife let us know that it was supposed to snow this week, and I was immediately told that I need boots.  Welp, if someone in the ward says I need them, it must be true!!  So, the quest for boots continues.  I still haven't found any that I like--Mom.  I did pull out that money.  It was me.  Don't be afraid.

Sándor!  He is the really adorable old man that I try
 really hard to understand.  He was the very first program
 that I had.  He lived during WWII and the Revolution of 1956,
 and he has had a really interesting life. He is interested
in finding the truth, but he might not be so inclined
 to change, so we will see how that goes.
Oh.  Transfers.  I am not leaving, but Jeppson nővér is.  She is going to Szeged and my new companion is... Kimball nővér!  She is really cool.  We have been in the same district and so I actually know her.  She is a really hard worker, and I am really excited to work with her!  I think it will be dynamite.  She is leaving an area where she has been serving for a really long time and she has two baptisms this Saturday that she will miss because of the transfer.  But, our investigator, Tamás, is really interested in baptism, a huge change from last week, and has a lot of questions about what an actual baptism is really like.  I am hoping we can take him with us to the baptism and really have an incredible experience from it all!  Anyway.  Transfers.  Neato!

This week has actually been really hard for me.  We worked really hard and we got standard, which was exciting, but I do kind of feel out of it.  Understanding is really difficult, and I wonder if that has gotten me down, but I don't really know.  I bet now that our hot water is working that will be just the change I need to get back into the groove of things :)

I think it is a good thing to review goals.  Think about where we are now, where we want to be, and where we wanted to be.  Here in the mission it is pretty easy to make goals based on time, because our time is charted out pretty specifically.  It seems hard to me to make goals in the real world!  But hopefully all you people reading this are making goals, evaluating on successes, and reflecting on how "failed" goals can be achieved.  So exciting!  

Róbi bought me this cake for my one month in the country!!
He is really fun and we get along really well.  He has been meeting
 with missionaries for awhile and he really understands
 the gospel and he studies really "smartly", taking notes
and such.  Can't wait to see more of his progress!
Turns out this email is super short, but I really don't know what else to say.  Mom--get better.  I still want to see what your campaign stuff looks like :)  Please know that I love you, and I am so grateful to be a missionary, and a representative of Jesus Christ.  This next week will be crazy!  But, I say bring it on.  The Lord can help me do anything and I know He will help everyone, however we need it.


Kennedy nővér

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

There are no pumpkins in Hungary.


I was so excited to see so many emails in my mailbox today.  Wow!  Popular!  Today has been one interesting day, and I am really grateful to everyone that was so considerate to write me.  Every letter I get really helps boost my spirits, so thanks.

I am so excited to hear of everyone's involvement with their wards!  The church needs people that are committed to their callings and that are willing to fulfill and magnify them.  The church is nothing without it's members, so work hard and be good!  Chelsea--Good luck with the Primary program!  I hear the Primary program here last year was a play... so I look forward to that!  Oh.  And, for real.  I was thinking you should maybe get ahold of the missionaries in your area.  I know that there are Spanish speaking missionaries out in your parts--I know this because I met some.  But it is really helpful to have strong members that are willing to help missionaries.  Talk to your ward mission leader.  I bet they would love to know you are interested and willing to help.  Leah--Did you have Stake Conference yet?  I just wanted to know how that all went.  Grandma--I am so glad to hear that you got to see the Rogers!  Seeing family must be really great :)  I don't remember what that is like anymore... unfortunately.  Dad--You grew a giant pumpkin!!  I had forgotten.  Please, send me a picture!  I would love to see it.  There really aren't very many pumpkins here.  It is weird to me.  I saw my first pumpkin of the year at the store today, and there was just two of them.  I am used to seeing the huge bins that you can really have your pick.  Not so in Magyarország.  Oh!  And I would love to see how everyone carves all of their pumpkins!!  That would be fun to get pictures of.  Speaking of pictures.  RACHEL?!?!?!  Where did your hair go?!  I love it.  It is super cute.  You were always my inspiration to keep my hair long, and so now I will admit, I am tempted to cut all of mine off... but I will be strong.  Leah and Daniel.  Thanks for your helpful letters.  I really appreciate the encouragement and support you have given me and you gave me a lot of stuff to think of in the next few days.  For your efforts, I might send you some European chocolate.

Oh.  If there are any friends that haven't written me on my mission (aka.  Molly Hill Pack and Hannah Elizabeth McVey) your efforts could be rewarded with not only a letter from me, but European candy.  I just wanted to make sure I called my best friends out.

Hungary is still beautiful.  There are so many flowers that are still blossomed.  It really confuses me, but I love it.  We looked at some churches today, and they are all older than America.  You just don't get stuff like that in Utah for some reason...  We had a Zone Training in Szeged this week.  It was really great to be able to listen to our Zone Leader and here the council he had for us.  I really like the attention our Zone Leader gives us.  I really feel like he is serving me, and that he wants me to succeed.  He remembers the names of our investigators, and he will ask us about their concerns and problems, and then he follows up on it.  It makes me feel important.  I think more people in the world need to feel important.  When people feel important they want to work, and they want to do things.

Teaching has been going well.  I feel like I understand a lot, and then we have a lesson and I just stare and smile.  The other day we were streeting and talking to lots of people.  Sister Jeppson asked me where to go and I said, right.  She seemed kind of weary and told me stories about children throwing bricks and spitting at missionaries, but we still went.  The second person we talked to listened to what we said and was completely willing to give us her number.  When we called her to set up with her she was all ready with the day and time.  We met with her this morning, and oh boy, it took me a good 15 minutes to get warmed up and start understanding her.  Everyone speaks differently!  Some speak super fast, some just mumble, but I keep praying to understand.  It is coming, and I am so grateful for the Lord's willingness to help me.

Something I thought about this week.  When I was little, I really wanted to go on a mission.  I basically spent my whole life preparing for the mission.  And now that I am here, I don't want to waste a minute of it.  I only have 18 months (now that number is smaller...) to really serve and give my all.  I have wanted this for so long, and I want to deliver.  And then, I started thinking about the "big picture".  Let's say we are in the premortal existence, planning how we want to live our lives. Hopefully, we are working as hard as we wanted to before we came here.  I mean, in the grand scheme of things, we only have this earth life to give our all!  So, I challenege everyone to give their best to the Lord and give their best to themself.  I don't want to let anyone down, and I would feel so bad if I let myself down, even without knowing it!

Sorry... no pictures this week!  But, just wait for next week!  There will be something good!  Transfers are next week, so we will see how things go.
Kennedy nővér

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taking notes in a Hungarian Conference


The good news from this week is that I am getting really good at typing on the computer!  The "Z" and "Y" button are switched, and I haven't been having problems typing thus far today.  Exciting, right?

This is me eating ice cream.  We scheduled it into our
 Pday last week, because I really wanted some!
Conference was fantastic!  Thanks to everyone that shared all of their thoughts with me!  I still haven't seen any of the Relief Society session, and we weren't able to watch the last session of conference because it started at 10 pm here.  There is a member here named Donna, she is American, and only speaks English.  She has a satelite hook-up so we could watch conference at her house.  For the first session we invited Tamás to watch conference at her house.  It was really cool.  He had a lot of questions--but not about English, so that is really great.  That whole session all I could think about was Rachel and I just wondered what she was going to do.  Ha...  But there is lots of my love coming her way as she thinks about going on a mission--and anyone that is ready and capable to serve.  Get on out here!  The water is fine!  I will admit, after the first session was over, I wondered what kind of text Dad would be sending all of the kids.  I hoped it would have the words weeping or heaven in there.  That was one of my favorite things--Dad texts!  Anyway, I realized the first step in the conversion process is to have the desire.  Desire is the first step in the conversion process.  While at the MTC I realized this, and it drove me crazy--How do I get a desire?  And, I have realized that a desire is the big picture.  What I want from this whole experience.  And, I want to be like my Heavenly Father, and I can do that by choosing what's right every day. Right?  Reading scriptures, praying, going to church.  The basics.  The church is simple because God wants us to succeed.  Doing simple, daily acts of service, will make us so happy.  We will find peace as we serve.  If service is stressing us out, maybe we are doing it wrong.

Speaking of stressed out.  Let's recap the Sunday Morning session of conference (or, the Sunday evening 6 o'clock session in Europe).  We had an investigator, Robi, and a recent convert, István, and we decided we would all go watch conference at the Bishop's house!  Longest two hours of my life.  The Bishop's son strangely reminds me a lot of Andrew and kept making really funny faces and animal noises during the whole thing.  Welp.  Guess that is what I think of Andrew--Disrupting conference, making faces, and weird noises.  I was so grateful for the brief moments when the choir would be singing, or right before the translation would start and I could hear just a little bit of English, and then the Hungarian would kick in.  I tried so hard to really be open and really take in the whole message and not just focus on individual words, but there was so much going on I couldn't really get it.  I felt so lost.  So confused.  I mean, I have been here for 4 weeks!!!  Why isn't my Hungarian perfect?!  I felt good, and I felt the spirit in my heart, but my mind really was getting me down.  It actually made me laugh.  It is so easy to get overwhelmed--if we let it.  So, I just brushed it off, and tried to listen to what the spirit was teaching me.  What did I learn in two hours of conference in a language I hardly understand?  That Heavenly Father loves me.  It was a much needed message.

Today I read in 2 Nephi 30, and I was talking to my companion about the last scriptures talking about the wolf lying down with the lamb (fancy that you saw a wolf this weekend Dad!  Fancy in only the fact that is relates to this small message), and I love the imagery of the child playing with the asp and so I read the scripture to my companion.  She informed me that a cockatrice in Hungarian is really baziliszkusz, which made me think of Harry Potter, and that made me a little more excited to study the scriptures.  Funny... but true.

We met with Feketa.  I found out her name is Ilona.  She was the one that had come to church last week, and surprised us!  We had out first lesson with her and it really really sweet.  She had so many good questions.  She is older than 65, and has the best smile!  She felt really loved and welcomed at church, and she wants to keep coming.  She told us she is Catholic, and she doesn't want to change, bu it looks to me like that is already happening.  So, I will keep all of you posted on that.  

This is me and my new Tisza bag! 
 An Elder bought it for his girlfriend...
 things didn't work out.  Ha.  Teasing. 
 He realized it wasn't her style. 
 I really like it, and I think I am a real missionary now.
Jeppson nővér had sent out a text to a bunch of random old investigators and people that I have no idea who they are about conference, and one of them texted back and said, yes, I will watch it, can we meet?  Wow!!  So, the first time meeting with this investigator (I didn't know it was going to be a 50/50 lesson, English/Hungarian.  Those lessons always make my brain work pretty hard) and I immediately love him.  His name is Antal, and he wants to serve people and help people every day.  We were able to talk about Christ's Atonement and the amazing power that comes from service.  I hope we will be able to continue to meet and share a lot of great stories together about his progress in serving and getting to know the Savior better.

Oh yeah!!  My great success of the week.  Every week we have mission correlation meeting.  We have a paper with the names of our investigators and stuff about them, and guess what I did.  What?!  Did I fill out the entire paper on my own?  Yes, yes I did.  And!  Did I do it all in Hungarian?  Why, now that you mention it, maybe I did that too!  It really was a great week, and I am seeing a lot of growth in the things that I am doing.  Then, at the meeting, I spoke about every investigator.  I really was so happy.  Every week I keep growing and learning.  Can't wait to see where I am next week!

I love you all so much!  Best of luck to everyone this week as they face the world, and go to school, and work, and stuff!

Kennedy nővér

Monday, October 1, 2012

I made a tuna melt!

Dear Family,

Thanks for all of the fun emails!!  Grandma, your email made me laugh.  I just keep imagining someone with their head out of the window of a train and having garbage hit them.  So funny.  Tom, let me know if you get the job!  Matthew.  You guessed correctly!  I will keep my eye out for Jozsef.  I hope he taught you how to say his name right.  I don't remember the name of the school you are going to... sorry.  So, if you could let me know that, I would appreciate it!  A lot of people ask about my family and I have a little picture I show.  I talk about everyone and where they are going to school... and then I just say you live in New York and want to be a lawyer.  Meh.  Close enough, right?  And congrats on the calling.  I am so glad you get to be involved with the ward.  Leah!  Thanks for your email.  I got it.  So grateful to hear about the abundance of your garden :)  Tell the Dean's Office hi for me, and if you want, go ahead and send a note to the costume shop from me with all of my love!  Dad.  I hope you are okay.  Passing out is not the coolest feeling in the world, and I hope you don't have any problems with that.  I love getting snail mail, but I understand that it is so much easier to communicate through email.  How about this:  Just send me a snail letter once a month, then every transfer I am guaranteed to have something!  Mom.  Please.  Please.  Please.  Campaign with, Be fancy, vote Nancy!  Ha.  Or you could just put your name on your campaign material with your phone number and let people you really are interested in what they have to say or something like that.  I think you are fantastic, and you will think of some great ways to campaign... and win!

The work in Kecskemét is going.  I love meeting with some many different people.  Here are the highlights of the week!

  • One of our favorite investigators in the world has moved to Budapest for the next month because her baby has cancer.  We love them so much and are really bummed that they are gone.  We went over the night before she left to help her with packing or other things, and she ended up just giving us all of her food that would go bad.  We got some potatoes, honey, and my favorite... liver.  I will be completely honest.  I have no idea how to cook without a cook book... let alone how to cook liver!  If you would be so kind as to send me some recipes, maybe something for liver, or just general recipes that you think I might like and are quick and most of all, tasty, I would love it!  The members here don't feed us, and so we have to fend for ourselves.
  • We went tracting on the outskirts of town.  I have decided that I don't want a dog anymore.  They were barking so loud my ears were ringing.  The houses in this area all have a gate and then their house, and we ring the bell at the gate.  I guess a house was tucked in, and so there was the gate and a long "hallway" until another gate which was her house gate.  I don't know if I am describing it well.  We rang the bell, and the dog jumped over the gate closest to her house and came and barked at us, and then ran back and jumped over the gate again.  It was really funny.  The dog did it about 4 times until he got to tired to do it again.  The lady that came out said she was sick, but would like for us to come back when she is feeling better.  Exciting news there!  We had more people answer their gates in underwear and a t-shirt, so all is well in Hungary.
  • I think I have talked about the Radulyék before, but they live in a little town outside of Kecskemét.  Super country.  We get off the bus in the middle of a field, and walk down a dirt path until we get to their house.  Maria, who is a member and was walking with us, had us pick some flowers and we were just talking at the front of the house, when I saw one of their family friends walk into the back with a saw.  What are they building, I thought.  We turned the corner.  The goat that I had seen at the last lesson in the field was now being prepared for dinner.  The saw was to take off the hooves.  It caught me so off guard!  My companion was nervous that I would feel uncomfortable by it all, but I was honestly just nervous that I might somehow get blood on my clothes.  I will send the picture we took.  
  • I met up with the ol' MTC district today.  We got our residence cards.  It was so interesting seeing where everyone is now.  Experiencing some of their same frustrations with them, and also realizing that we are all in a lot of really different places.  Both mentally and physically.  They are all doing really great though, and had some fun stories to share.
  • And... we made tuna melts!!  
I am so grateful that I can serve a mission.  We were teaching Tamás, English is his passion, and he was explaining how he wants to find the way and spiritual peace.  I am so grateful that I do have that same way in my life, and that I can share that with everyone I meet.  We were streeting and we met a kid named Daniel.  He grew up in Israel, and when we first met him he thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses.  He had kind of been meeting with them once before, and I guess he wanted to talk.  So we did.  He kept asking us questions about what Mormons believe and Jeppson nővér and I were able to testify over and over about what we know to be true.  His cell phone wasn't working, so he didn't give us his number.  We set up an appointment to meet on Sunday, but he didn't show up.  I was let down.  I was so excited to talk to him and to help him better understand how to find answers to his questions and how the Lord really is here to help us, but he didn't come.  We were waiting on the street for him and a lady we had talked to benching walked right up to us, ready for church!  She doesn't know if she wants to meet with us, but she came to church.  Hopefully we can meet with her sometime soon!  We don't technically know her name yet because she always calls herself Mrs. Ferenc Feketa (her husband's name) but she is so nice, and when I didn't understand what she said she would say it again so I could understand.

Heavenly Father loves all of His children.  If I were to have a challenge for anyone, it would be this.  Find someone that you see, and share the love that God has for you with them!  It can be as easy as saying hi to them, or even trying to get to know them, or asking them to an institute activity, or asking them if they want to get ice cream, or even if they want to meet with the full time missionaries.  The opportunities are endless!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and that y'all be good!
Kennedy nővér

PS  Everyone loves my last name.  They think it is one of the easiest ones to remember and to say.  Good work Dad.