Monday, October 1, 2012

I made a tuna melt!

Dear Family,

Thanks for all of the fun emails!!  Grandma, your email made me laugh.  I just keep imagining someone with their head out of the window of a train and having garbage hit them.  So funny.  Tom, let me know if you get the job!  Matthew.  You guessed correctly!  I will keep my eye out for Jozsef.  I hope he taught you how to say his name right.  I don't remember the name of the school you are going to... sorry.  So, if you could let me know that, I would appreciate it!  A lot of people ask about my family and I have a little picture I show.  I talk about everyone and where they are going to school... and then I just say you live in New York and want to be a lawyer.  Meh.  Close enough, right?  And congrats on the calling.  I am so glad you get to be involved with the ward.  Leah!  Thanks for your email.  I got it.  So grateful to hear about the abundance of your garden :)  Tell the Dean's Office hi for me, and if you want, go ahead and send a note to the costume shop from me with all of my love!  Dad.  I hope you are okay.  Passing out is not the coolest feeling in the world, and I hope you don't have any problems with that.  I love getting snail mail, but I understand that it is so much easier to communicate through email.  How about this:  Just send me a snail letter once a month, then every transfer I am guaranteed to have something!  Mom.  Please.  Please.  Please.  Campaign with, Be fancy, vote Nancy!  Ha.  Or you could just put your name on your campaign material with your phone number and let people you really are interested in what they have to say or something like that.  I think you are fantastic, and you will think of some great ways to campaign... and win!

The work in Kecskemét is going.  I love meeting with some many different people.  Here are the highlights of the week!

  • One of our favorite investigators in the world has moved to Budapest for the next month because her baby has cancer.  We love them so much and are really bummed that they are gone.  We went over the night before she left to help her with packing or other things, and she ended up just giving us all of her food that would go bad.  We got some potatoes, honey, and my favorite... liver.  I will be completely honest.  I have no idea how to cook without a cook book... let alone how to cook liver!  If you would be so kind as to send me some recipes, maybe something for liver, or just general recipes that you think I might like and are quick and most of all, tasty, I would love it!  The members here don't feed us, and so we have to fend for ourselves.
  • We went tracting on the outskirts of town.  I have decided that I don't want a dog anymore.  They were barking so loud my ears were ringing.  The houses in this area all have a gate and then their house, and we ring the bell at the gate.  I guess a house was tucked in, and so there was the gate and a long "hallway" until another gate which was her house gate.  I don't know if I am describing it well.  We rang the bell, and the dog jumped over the gate closest to her house and came and barked at us, and then ran back and jumped over the gate again.  It was really funny.  The dog did it about 4 times until he got to tired to do it again.  The lady that came out said she was sick, but would like for us to come back when she is feeling better.  Exciting news there!  We had more people answer their gates in underwear and a t-shirt, so all is well in Hungary.
  • I think I have talked about the Radulyék before, but they live in a little town outside of Kecskemét.  Super country.  We get off the bus in the middle of a field, and walk down a dirt path until we get to their house.  Maria, who is a member and was walking with us, had us pick some flowers and we were just talking at the front of the house, when I saw one of their family friends walk into the back with a saw.  What are they building, I thought.  We turned the corner.  The goat that I had seen at the last lesson in the field was now being prepared for dinner.  The saw was to take off the hooves.  It caught me so off guard!  My companion was nervous that I would feel uncomfortable by it all, but I was honestly just nervous that I might somehow get blood on my clothes.  I will send the picture we took.  
  • I met up with the ol' MTC district today.  We got our residence cards.  It was so interesting seeing where everyone is now.  Experiencing some of their same frustrations with them, and also realizing that we are all in a lot of really different places.  Both mentally and physically.  They are all doing really great though, and had some fun stories to share.
  • And... we made tuna melts!!  
I am so grateful that I can serve a mission.  We were teaching Tamás, English is his passion, and he was explaining how he wants to find the way and spiritual peace.  I am so grateful that I do have that same way in my life, and that I can share that with everyone I meet.  We were streeting and we met a kid named Daniel.  He grew up in Israel, and when we first met him he thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses.  He had kind of been meeting with them once before, and I guess he wanted to talk.  So we did.  He kept asking us questions about what Mormons believe and Jeppson nővér and I were able to testify over and over about what we know to be true.  His cell phone wasn't working, so he didn't give us his number.  We set up an appointment to meet on Sunday, but he didn't show up.  I was let down.  I was so excited to talk to him and to help him better understand how to find answers to his questions and how the Lord really is here to help us, but he didn't come.  We were waiting on the street for him and a lady we had talked to benching walked right up to us, ready for church!  She doesn't know if she wants to meet with us, but she came to church.  Hopefully we can meet with her sometime soon!  We don't technically know her name yet because she always calls herself Mrs. Ferenc Feketa (her husband's name) but she is so nice, and when I didn't understand what she said she would say it again so I could understand.

Heavenly Father loves all of His children.  If I were to have a challenge for anyone, it would be this.  Find someone that you see, and share the love that God has for you with them!  It can be as easy as saying hi to them, or even trying to get to know them, or asking them to an institute activity, or asking them if they want to get ice cream, or even if they want to meet with the full time missionaries.  The opportunities are endless!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and that y'all be good!
Kennedy nővér

PS  Everyone loves my last name.  They think it is one of the easiest ones to remember and to say.  Good work Dad.

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