Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I rode a train!

Hello family and friends!

A big shout out to Tom Brinton!  Thanks for the letter.  I didn't get it when I first got here, but I did get it at our zone training last week.  Sounds like things are going great for you!  Good luck with the internship and best of luck with school.

Sounds like life in Brigham City is as peachy as always.  In church yesterday we sang, "The Spirit of God" and I couldn't help but think you would be singing that later in the day!  Hopefully you got to.  I love the power of music, and I think that song is perfect for a temple dedication.  I enjoyed the various thoughts and stories from the dedication.  It seems like it was a wonderful event.  If it is possible to get a copy of the dedication prayer, I would really love something like that.

This week has been pretty cool.  We teach a free English class every Tuesday, and it is really fun to speak English and help people learn.  We gave a spiritual thought it Hungarian, and the whole class helped me with what I was saying and they helped me get the right case ending.  Ha.  There was a class of about 10 people.  We have it divided up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  We teach intermediate.  There is a guy, his name is Tamás and he is an airplane engineer, in the advanced class that we had met with the week before for his first program!  We did English practice in the beginning, but then we taught about the Book of Mormon in Hungarian.  He also was really helpful and wanted to teach me some new words and helped me phrase things.  The people here are very patient and very good to me.  Anyways.  We asked him to read the 3 Nephi 11 and on Tuesday I asked him if he had read.  He told me, "Yes, and it is true."  Wow!  It was helpful that he said it in English, because I was able to immediately understand, but then it was just really cool.  We will see how meeting with him goes, but for now we seem to be at a good spot.

Zone training was good.  I rode in a train.  I learned there are some helpful signs above the window.  One has garbage being thrown out the window, and the other has someone leaning out, and just a red circle around it.  I learned that those are good things, because if it has a cross through it, it means your head would get chopped off from another train if it was passing by.  Someone told me about this, I didn't learn it from experience.

The ward here is really involved and really wants to help.  Last Monday we went to a Family Home Evening lesson at a members house and there were some investigators there.  The investigators thought I looked like another missionary that had been there, and they said something about how she spoke much better than me.  Eh.  So is life.  The investigators invited us to an FHE tonight at their home!  So that is exciting.  It is a mom and a boy, but I only remember the boy's name is Lajos.  He is really smart, and when I don't understand he speaks slower for me, but he tends to only really emphazise the words that I already understood.  But, the ward is great!  They want to be involved and included with our lessons and they have reached out to our investigators when we come to church.

We are teaching a mom, her name is Szilvi, and her son Gordon.  I haven't technically been in a lesson with them yet, but we are meeting this Tuesday.  Her son is almost two, I think, and he has cancer.  They are in Pest a lot getting that taken care of, but every weekend they come back to Kecskemét, and so we walk to church together.  From what I understand, she really likes church, and I think it is because the members pay attention to her.  Members are so important in missionary work.  We are meeting with a girl named Csilla, and she is meeting with us as well as the Jehovah's Witnesses.  She lives kind of in "no man's land" and she technically doesn't have any missionaries in her city, but whenever she is in Kecskemét we try to meet with her.  She says she feels better when she meets with us, but she when she came to church she didn't feel like people reached out to her, unlike when she as the Jehovah's Witness's church and they really loved her.  So.  What to do?  It is important that each of us make the commitment to welcome and be kind to the people in church that we don't recognize.  It is our responsibility to welcome and to love those who are coming to church.  So, to any person reading this, make a new friend this week!  Find someone that is sitting alone and reach out to them, and love them.  You might be the best influence in their accepting the gospel.

I know that God is my Heavenly Father.  He loves me and is mindful of me and every situation that I am in.  I was studying accountability before I came to email, and I have always known that I am accountable to the Lord, but our relationship with Heavenly Father is personal.  We need to account to Him what we have been doing, what has been going on, and be honest in our report.  He can only help us and strengthen us when we want to be accountable for our actions.  I mean, if I don't feel accountable for something, I probably won't do it.  But I really do receive strength from prayer.  It is the best!!


Kennedy nővér

This is a cup tower my companion loves to teach about the establishment of God's church.  My favorite is when we talk about Christ's time and when the apostles died, and we take them out from the bottom and the whole tower falls.  We then rebuild it, and talk about how it is the same church that Christ established.  Good times, right?
Me and a pizza!   Hungarians think corn is super American, and so they put it on pizza.  I won't lie, I really like it.
I still love you!  Also.  So weird, the time just seems to go by so fast.  I have been out for a solid 3 months now.  Wowza!

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