Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sister Kennedy has Arrived

      Following your missionary’s arrival, President Smith conducted a brief interview and welcomed her to the Mission.  The missionaries had dinner with President and Sister Smith and were then taken on a brief tour of Budapest – seeing Hero’s Square, Gellert Hill (where the country was dedicated for the preaching of the Gospel), and other landmarks.
            Today, Sister Kennedy went “streeting” and contacted a number of individuals.  She then returned for some brief training. Companionship and city assignments were made.  The missionaries have departed to their new area of service, with their companions, and will immediately begin service.
            Your missionary is excited to “invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ, and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.”  We know she will be successful as she serves the Lord with her heart, might, mind and strength.  We appreciate your prayers for your missionary and for the missionary work in Hungary.  
Best personal regards,

Caroline's last MTC words:
     The MTC means so much to me. Whenever I told anyone that's here that I came in June, and that I've been here for 12 weeks their jaws drop. Every Spanish Elder says, "I would die!" and most everyone else just says, "wow". I am so grateful that one of my teachers told me-- "There is a reason  you are in the MTC for 12 weeks and it's not to learn that language-- you'll do that in Hungary." So. It became my objective to figure out while I was here.
     Little things no one told me: bring a water bottle, bring a pair of flats you don't really care for, and bring cough drops!! Ha. I eventually got all of these things, so that was good. 
     I really think it's important to always have a positive attitude and love everything. Once I get in the field things will not be easier to love, so I really tried to love my companion, love the food, love the gate, love gym time, love the Elders that can't talk without yelling. I know as we make loving a pattern now in our lives, it will bless us so much more when we move on to the next phase in our lives.
    I am so grateful for the peace I have felt at the MTC> Everyday I am blessed to be apart o the 2,400-2,700 missionaries that are here. The positive energy of love and excitement is unreal. I <3 it.
   Jesus Christ is my Savior. the Book of Mormon is God's word. Faith happens when we work. There is no way to truly believe what we have been taught unless we try our faith and work for what we want.

      Kennedy nővér

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