Wednesday, September 5, 2012

i leave in 5 days

We have our cute district-- Me, Perkins nover, Decker elder,
Miller elder, and D'Angina elder

What a week!
This week has really been quite remarkable.  First off.  I spoke Hungarian, for an entire week!  The only times that I didn't speak Hungary was when I was at the doctor's office, which was a relief.  Because of my experience speaking the lanugage, I feel closer to God, and I feel that I have a stronger love and desire to be with the people of Hungary.  It is amazing, isn't it?  There were some really cool moments where I would be speaking Hungarian and I didn't have to think about every single thing that I was saying, but instead it was all just flowing together and it just worked.  Sometimes I sat in silence because every word I had ever learned had left my brain and all I could really say was igen, yes.  But those times were only a little bit and they became less and less everyday.
Me and my companion, Perkins nover.
I will be in Hungary in less than a week!  We got our travel plans, and we leave on Monday, September 10!  I am super excited.  We are taking the direct flight to Paris, and then one more flight to Hungary... Seems a little familiar, doesn't it?  Ha!  But, the great news is that we will have good company when we fly.  There is a senior sister that is serving in Hungary that will be flying with our district, and the French missionaries will be flying with us to Paris!  So, I will be spending a long time with Sister Lexi Bracken from Perry!  I see her a lot actually, we have class on the same floor, and so that will be kind of fun to talk to people that aren't going to Hungary.
Speaking of going to Hungary, I leave next week and I am freaking out!  I love the MTC.  I know, it sounds so bizarre and not real at all, but I really love it!  It is quiet, the spirit is so strong here, people are nice.  When I went to the doctor we rode in a van.  First.  I haven't been in a moving vehicle since June.  HJonestyly, one of the weirdest sensations i have ever felt in my entire life.  It was so lame that I felt so weird... but, eh... so is life.  The doctor's office was really nice and there was so music playing, real nice gentle stuff.  I started freaking out!  I didn't know what to do.  I couldn't not listen, and they kept playing really soft stuff that I love, like Adele.  It was so weird.  And when we were outside waiting everything was so loud and I felt like a fish out of water.  The world is so loud.  There is so much going on!  And so, that is kind of why I am a little scared.  Going back into the world.  Terrified.  Excited.  Blessed.  So many feelings....
Anyways.  The computers are freaking out at I have a haircut at 11, so I  have to go!  Expect a phone call on Monday between 3 & 4!!!
I love you!!  Always and forever
Then there is just me and Elder Perrenoud.  He is funny, right?! 
He knows how to say hi, how are you, and yes, in Hungarian.  What a champ.
Kennedy nover

And, my best friend!!  Hermana Johnson.  Aren't we the cutest?!

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