Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taking notes in a Hungarian Conference


The good news from this week is that I am getting really good at typing on the computer!  The "Z" and "Y" button are switched, and I haven't been having problems typing thus far today.  Exciting, right?

This is me eating ice cream.  We scheduled it into our
 Pday last week, because I really wanted some!
Conference was fantastic!  Thanks to everyone that shared all of their thoughts with me!  I still haven't seen any of the Relief Society session, and we weren't able to watch the last session of conference because it started at 10 pm here.  There is a member here named Donna, she is American, and only speaks English.  She has a satelite hook-up so we could watch conference at her house.  For the first session we invited Tamás to watch conference at her house.  It was really cool.  He had a lot of questions--but not about English, so that is really great.  That whole session all I could think about was Rachel and I just wondered what she was going to do.  Ha...  But there is lots of my love coming her way as she thinks about going on a mission--and anyone that is ready and capable to serve.  Get on out here!  The water is fine!  I will admit, after the first session was over, I wondered what kind of text Dad would be sending all of the kids.  I hoped it would have the words weeping or heaven in there.  That was one of my favorite things--Dad texts!  Anyway, I realized the first step in the conversion process is to have the desire.  Desire is the first step in the conversion process.  While at the MTC I realized this, and it drove me crazy--How do I get a desire?  And, I have realized that a desire is the big picture.  What I want from this whole experience.  And, I want to be like my Heavenly Father, and I can do that by choosing what's right every day. Right?  Reading scriptures, praying, going to church.  The basics.  The church is simple because God wants us to succeed.  Doing simple, daily acts of service, will make us so happy.  We will find peace as we serve.  If service is stressing us out, maybe we are doing it wrong.

Speaking of stressed out.  Let's recap the Sunday Morning session of conference (or, the Sunday evening 6 o'clock session in Europe).  We had an investigator, Robi, and a recent convert, István, and we decided we would all go watch conference at the Bishop's house!  Longest two hours of my life.  The Bishop's son strangely reminds me a lot of Andrew and kept making really funny faces and animal noises during the whole thing.  Welp.  Guess that is what I think of Andrew--Disrupting conference, making faces, and weird noises.  I was so grateful for the brief moments when the choir would be singing, or right before the translation would start and I could hear just a little bit of English, and then the Hungarian would kick in.  I tried so hard to really be open and really take in the whole message and not just focus on individual words, but there was so much going on I couldn't really get it.  I felt so lost.  So confused.  I mean, I have been here for 4 weeks!!!  Why isn't my Hungarian perfect?!  I felt good, and I felt the spirit in my heart, but my mind really was getting me down.  It actually made me laugh.  It is so easy to get overwhelmed--if we let it.  So, I just brushed it off, and tried to listen to what the spirit was teaching me.  What did I learn in two hours of conference in a language I hardly understand?  That Heavenly Father loves me.  It was a much needed message.

Today I read in 2 Nephi 30, and I was talking to my companion about the last scriptures talking about the wolf lying down with the lamb (fancy that you saw a wolf this weekend Dad!  Fancy in only the fact that is relates to this small message), and I love the imagery of the child playing with the asp and so I read the scripture to my companion.  She informed me that a cockatrice in Hungarian is really baziliszkusz, which made me think of Harry Potter, and that made me a little more excited to study the scriptures.  Funny... but true.

We met with Feketa.  I found out her name is Ilona.  She was the one that had come to church last week, and surprised us!  We had out first lesson with her and it really really sweet.  She had so many good questions.  She is older than 65, and has the best smile!  She felt really loved and welcomed at church, and she wants to keep coming.  She told us she is Catholic, and she doesn't want to change, bu it looks to me like that is already happening.  So, I will keep all of you posted on that.  

This is me and my new Tisza bag! 
 An Elder bought it for his girlfriend...
 things didn't work out.  Ha.  Teasing. 
 He realized it wasn't her style. 
 I really like it, and I think I am a real missionary now.
Jeppson nővér had sent out a text to a bunch of random old investigators and people that I have no idea who they are about conference, and one of them texted back and said, yes, I will watch it, can we meet?  Wow!!  So, the first time meeting with this investigator (I didn't know it was going to be a 50/50 lesson, English/Hungarian.  Those lessons always make my brain work pretty hard) and I immediately love him.  His name is Antal, and he wants to serve people and help people every day.  We were able to talk about Christ's Atonement and the amazing power that comes from service.  I hope we will be able to continue to meet and share a lot of great stories together about his progress in serving and getting to know the Savior better.

Oh yeah!!  My great success of the week.  Every week we have mission correlation meeting.  We have a paper with the names of our investigators and stuff about them, and guess what I did.  What?!  Did I fill out the entire paper on my own?  Yes, yes I did.  And!  Did I do it all in Hungarian?  Why, now that you mention it, maybe I did that too!  It really was a great week, and I am seeing a lot of growth in the things that I am doing.  Then, at the meeting, I spoke about every investigator.  I really was so happy.  Every week I keep growing and learning.  Can't wait to see where I am next week!

I love you all so much!  Best of luck to everyone this week as they face the world, and go to school, and work, and stuff!

Kennedy nővér

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