Monday, October 29, 2012

It snowed!

Dear family and friends,

Today was pretty exciting.  Yesterday, it was daylight savings, so we got to sleep in an extra hour!  So, this morning, I woke up early because my body isn't adjusted yet--and!  I looked out the window and what did I see?  A whole bunch of snow!  Thank goodness I am finally going winter clothes shopping... ha.  I know, I have been talking about it for weeks... and weeks... but it is finally happening!  So, when I have less monies in my bank account, that is why.  Anyways... SNOW!  I am sure I will hate it in a couple of weeks, but for now it is good.

Thanks to everyone that sent me such great emails!  I will address everyone by name and slowly work my way through.  Darliece.  You really are marrying a babe!  Best of luck with the wedding.  I really love the pictures that you sent me, and I am really excited to see pictures of the big day!  I think having a big wedding dinner would be so cool.  Hopefully all goes well.  Lindsay.  Your baby is getting HUGE!  She is so adorable.  James is such a goober, but I am glad you supported him and your letting your little girl dress up from Dr. Who.  Oh Halloween.  So fun!  Sis. Ellis.  My mom forwarded your email, it is so exciting to hear about the Hungarians coming into the MTC!  Unfortunately, they aren't going to be as cool as our district, but so is life.  Sis. Gerke.  Sister Kimball was so excited to hear me mention you!  It is always exciting to know similar people.  Oh my goodness.  I can't imagine all of the growth about to happen at the MTC!  Good thing President Nally got a nice break before he starts in January... ha.  And tell Rob to be a man and send me a letter.  That would be nice.  

Had no idea Grandma was in Canada.  My favorite thing about Canada is that it is America's hat.  Exciting to be involved with temple work, and hopefully she really enjoys it.  Grandma sends the best emails!  This week it was full of colors and a fun jack-o-lantern picture at the bottom.  I saw my first jack-o-lantern of the year last night!  We went to a member's house and they had just made it.  It was fun.  Straight up, just a face, but it was really charming.  Turns out I miss American holidays.  Rachel.  Your birthday sounded incredible.  As for clarification... I never met Elder Saunders, but you can let him know that I am in Kecskemét, if you forget just say it is a city with goat in the name, and I have seen his name on a couple of things I think.  He was just a little bit before my time.  But, that is still so fun that you are in the same ward!  Small world!  I love Thriller.  Is Campbell still dancing with Odyssey?  I am also super stoked to hear about your birthday.  Shoot!  Sounds super jam packed full of fun stuff.  I read that and literally had no idea how you were able to do everything that you did.  Good work.  It sounds golden.  Also.  I still love your hair.  You are the best!  Best of luck with your audition video.  I tried to describing to a member how you were auditioning to be a performing missionary in Nauvoo.  But, I don't know how to say "to audition" or "to perform" (technically I can say "to perform" like you would perform an ordinance... but it just doesn't work out...) and turns out I don't know how to say Nauvoo with a Hungarian accent, so after talking about how there are missionaries that sing and dance and you wanted that, my companion saved the day and said you were auditioning and she conveniently filled in all of the gaps.  SENIOR COMPANIONS ARE THE GREATEST!  I say as much as I can and do my best, and then Sister Kimball just fills in the gaps.  It is nice.  Matthew.  Remember that time a hurricane went through the city you lived in and all you did was buy candles?  Ha.  Best of luck.  I will pray for you.  I absolutely loved looking at all of the pictures from Halloween stuff.  Mom and Dad.  Sad to say, you could do a little bit better at sending me some pictures.  I would love to see your Halloween costumes (afterall, they were award winning) and I am still waiting to see your campaign stuff...  Best of luck with that!  I am praying for you, and I hope you can get everything out that you need to.  Just remember as you are walking around handing out flyers, that I am doing something very similar (the differences are that my legs are freezing, and I don't understand everything everyone says).  But I really am so glad to hear about everything in the big ol' BC.  Best of luck finishing up your mission!  You reached your year mark!  Wow.  Cherish every minute--It will be gone before you know it.

Sister Kimball and I had sore throats and swallowing was really hard, so we decided to get some fruit tea.  I got black current.  It tasted funny and I decided I probably wouldn't get that flavor again.  Sister Kimball had some the next day, and because she is so smart, she realized it tasted weird because it had real tea in it.  Awesome.  So... That was an embarrassing moment in my life.  Breaking the Word of Wisdom is the worst!

Let me tell you about my new companion.  Her name is Rachel Marie... Eerie.  She is from Spanish Fork.  She was in Mr. Bradshaw's choir, so we have talked a little bit about that, and she has a fantastic voice.  She has been in Hungary since December, and it makes me so happy when she messes up on Hungarian because she just laughs and then whoever we are talking with helps her to figure out.  It is really nice, because now I feel confident enough to talk and mess up.  I love messing up.  It means I am trying.  Sister Kimball wants to be a teacher, or something that helps other people, when she grows up.  She is a dancer, and danced at BYU.  She is really happy, and she loves missionary work, so I love her.

I feel like Sister Kimball and I are working really well together.  We have had a lot of cool experiences.  She is so different from Sister Jeppson.  Programs just go differently.  I learned so much from Sister Jeppson, and I am already learning lots from Sister Kimball.  I am excited because I am beginning to really notice how to be the missionary I want to be.  It is really exciting working with a new companion though, and things are going swell.  We went to a baptism in Szolnok on Saturday.  It was incredible.  Sister Kimball had found both of them, and taught them all the way through, but because of a holiday they couldn't be baptized when initially planned, so we got to go.  The whole service was at a hotel.  We met in a conference room before and had a small program, the four sisters there sang A Child's Prayer (I was one of them!), and then we went to the pool for the baptisms.  Two young men from the branch held up a sheet to cover some inappropriate art on a wall, and I was so grateful the the people there really wanted to have the spirit present.  There was a teenage girl that got baptized, and then a woman, and it really was so incredible.  I saw two of God's children acting and following Christ's example.  It was beautiful.  I could feel God's love testifying to me that this is the work I need to do.  I need to invite people to come unto Christ, and people come to Christ through baptism.  I am so grateful I got to go.  

The work in Kecskemét is going.  I love it!  We are having a Halloween Party tomorrow after English class.  We are hoping the people from English class will stay and that the members in the ward will bring friends to get into the building.  I know that if people can get in the building and feel the spirit, they will be inclined to think, what is different here?  What makes this church special?  Answer--It's Christ's true church on the earth today.  Love it.  Last night we went out to a members house and we just shared a small message and then left.  We missed the bus, and were on the outskirts of town, so we just waited.  It was raining and we were standing under the bus shelter.  Up walked a teenage boy.  Sister Kimball got on the phone.  She had dared to me to give a boy at the last stop an Angolóra flier, but he left before I could get it for him, so this time, I decided to talk to him.  It was really great!  I asked him if he spoke English, we talked about school and what we like, Sister Kimball joined the conversation, we talked about religion, and then he let us get his number from him and we said we would love to meet with him later.  Isn't that amazing?  I asked a teenage kid if he spoke English, we talked about life, were able to discuss religion and why we are in Hungary, and we are hoping to meet with him later this week or next.  So exciting.  The Lord is preparing people, we just have to talk to everyone to find out who they are.

I love you!  Always serve.  Magnify callings.  Ask the missionaries if you can help give them or give them a ride or something.  Say hi to new people at church.  Even if they aren't new, they probably would like having new friends anyways.  Oh.  And do your home teaching and visiting teaching.  THAT IS SO IMPORTANT!

Kennedy nővér

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