Wednesday, July 10, 2013

To my father... and family.

                                                                                                                       June 18, 2013

DADDY!!   HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!  Sorry it is a little late... but I hope you know if I had the option of calling you, I would have been on the phone so fast!!!  I'm glad to hear how we are always here!!

It was so nice to read Joe Ann's obituary.  What a wonderful way to remember her :)

President Smith recommended I show this to my family and friends, but I don't really know what it is ... because I can't look.  But take a gander!!  I hope you really like it.

It has been a really good, crazy week.  Yesterday, I said goodbye to everyone planning on leaving at the transfer, but what a surprise when I got my call--and not only am I staying in Szeged, but I am staying with my companion.  That is really cool, and a really cool blessing.  I am so grateful that I get to stay!!  The work is going really well, and the people here need work.  There is a lot of struggles with family relationships, law of chastity, word of wisdom, all that good stuff, but it is all good.  The work is going and I love it.  Oh!  I had a lady that wanted to see my family, so I showed her the one I have, and she wanted to see more.  Could you send me family pictures?  Just through the email and I can print them off here.  Like wedding pictures, grandparents, like real family stuff?  If you send ones I don't like, I won't print them, but I love my family, so I probably would print them.  :)

We were out tracting a bit in the family houses, going up to their main gates and giving them a knock.   Here, they have like a gate around their yard, so rarely do we ever literally knock on someone's front door (unless we are in an apartment building).  They always have signs on the gate saying that the dogs bark, but I thought this one was super cute, so I am sending it to you!!  Somedays I think, wow, it would be so cool to have a dog!  When I go home, I am going to buy a dog!  And then I go tracting for a couple hours and I hear all of the barking and I change my mind.  Eh.  Who knows what I will think in six months!

So.  We are working with all different kinds of people right now.  Some  are super close to baptism  (people we met like... 2 weeks ago...) and some people are further out, but it is incredible that they are all still working for this same goal.  I feel like we keep finding people in random nooks and crannies (who knows if I spelt that right !) and it is such a blessing.  We talked to this guy who is in town for one week, and he was waiting for his friend who didn't show up, so he was sitting on a bench and we talked to him.  And, recently he has been trying to find God in his life, and then we show up.  And, I mean, he hasn't answered our calls and he goes home in a few days, but what a blessing from God that we were able to talk to him for just a little bit to testify of the truthfulness we have in our lives.  Today we talked to a lady who is really well versed in lots of different churches, really trying to find the one that is right, the one that is different, and she kept pointing out to us the differences in our church, and  how much she loved it.  Normally when we tell people that we can feel if something is right, they think it is kind of weird... but she totally loves it.  It is incredible.  I am SSSOOO grateful to stay in Szeged.

 I am so grateful for the time I have sacrificed to be a missionary.  Sacrifice means something different to everyone and the more I talk to different missionaries, the more I see that is true.  So interesting.  I don't really have much different to say about that... I just thought about it for a little.

Oh.  I met a girl from Canada here on the Rotary youth exchange program... Rotary... strikes again!!

Yeah.  I love Hungary.  Keep me here.
Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy nővér

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