Sunday, August 18, 2013

Crazy old men keep complimenting me on my eyes...

August 5, 2013

Dear family,

I now live in Debrecen. It is actually really weird... I have never been here before. The last time i had never been to a city that I was serving in was... when I started my mission in Kecskemét, so I feel kind of out in the middle of nowhere. Not a problem, just have to figure out where everything is.

Moving was really hard. We went on a different train than the Elders, so I had to like, be really nice to people to ask them to help with my luggage. They were always really quick to point out that it wasnt light, and that it was really heavy. I smiled and said, I know, that is why I asked for help!

This is me and Sister Maxfield on our way to transfers... Yikes...

Way cool that we got to ride in a car though :)

Debrecen is a beautiful city, and yeah. We have some really cool people we are meeting with, and that is great! We are teaching a Nigerian, and he is solid. And, we are also teaching him Hungarian. Turns out, I didnt realize how far I have come. I asked him to read something outloud, but he had now idea how the alphabet here even works. Oops. But, yeah. I can kind of teach people how to speak Hungarian. Not well--do not solicite this to your friends.

Sister Magda is super sweet. She is really real, and I love it. We are just working and loving life, and that is perfect for me. This transfer is short, so next transfer day is in, literally a month.

Oh! So, some missionaries do this, so I decided to do it too. It is called the D&C challenge, or count down, or something. Ha. I don't know. But basically, you read a section of D&C everyday before you go home. It is really disconcerting. I dont know if I like it... but I feel like everything I read is just for me, and that is conventient. So, if anyone wants to read with me, today we are on D&C 10. I think.

This is me and my companion.

Yep! I dont really have much to say about the work here yet, because we have just been finding. We did have a program with a really rude guy. They found him through English class, and I asked if he would be interested in meeting, and he said yeah, but he is literally only interested in English. He like, rolled his eyes all of the time at us, and it was so frustrating. So, I mean, it can only go up from here, right? Well! I love you. 

Ilyen a csíp?s élet,
Kennedy n?vér

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