Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yummmm... Ranch.

What a wonderful week!!

Thanks to everyone that sent me a little something on my birthday.  It was quite a treat, and super delicious.  I already ate the Poprocks AND i had ranch dressing on the potatoes i made yesterday for Sunday dinner.  YUM!
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This is me and all of my rewards.  I bought this cool shirt the other day in the touristi area in Pest, and I was actually walking the same streets that we were on when we were tourist people!  so, that was pretty crazy.  But, we had some time to look at a couple of little shops and yeah.  I would love to bring the WHOLE family back here... so let's plan that for the summer after Rachel gets home.  I probably won't have any nieces or nephews yet, so, let's all plan a good ol' fashioned trip on out here.  They also speak Hungarian in Transylvania, so we can go pretend we are vampires and hang out over there too.  Why not?  Welp.  That was random.

Thanks to everyone that remembered to send me a picture of how you celebrated my birthday!  I really liked looking at them, and I am glad people still enjoyed my birthday even though I am clear over here.

So, for English class this week, we taught all about birthdays!!  We played birthday BINGO (which they loved, no one really knew what BINGO was), and then everyone practiced English conversation about their favorite
Inline image 2 birthday, and then I made them all sing Happy Birthday to me!  Ha.  It was way funny.  The biggest surprise came at the end of class when a guy came up and asked if he could see my ear.  I thought he was going to pull out a quarter or something!  But no, he just pulled my ear!!  I guess that is one of those crazy Hungarian traditions.  They have this little thing that they say, something like, May God bless you with many years, and will your ears stretch down to your ankles.  Because if you have a lot of friends, a lot of people will pull on your ears, and then they will reach your ankles.  Weird.  But, yeah.  Only in Hungary.  This is our English class.  We are the funnest!!
Ha... all that I can think of that happened this week was my birthday!!  Ha... Umm...  Oh!  I thought of something else.

So, on Thursday, we did a concert!  mom.  I know you have been wanting to hear all about me singing in Hungary--and here's the scoop.  I did it!  I sang.  There was a college class that came in and listened to us sing and we answered there questions and talked about our church.  it was really cool.  i was surprised when they had written on the program that i was singing a solo.  ha.  what a surprise, but it went really well.  they were really interested, and they got our information about church and stuff, but we had a program so we had to leave early and unfortunately we werent able to set up with anyone on the spot, but we will just see how it goes.  That is how I feel a lot of the time.  We will just wait, and see how it goes!  ha.  Yeah.

On my birthday I pulled out the ukulele and we sang in one of the main squares in town.  We had a couple of people stop and talk to us, and they seemed to really like the simpleness of the music and everything, but then, there was a flash mob people dance, so there was like a live band and everyone doing the people dance.  like.. their native dance.  i dont really know what to call it i guess.  like... the dance that hungarians do.  ha.  there was an accordian and all these people just started dancing, and it was fun because i learned how to nép tánc a couple of transfers ago so i was like stomping my feet and wanting to dance, but then i talked to a drunk guy about English class instead.

We have been teaching this incredible AWESOME guy name Dávid.  We met with him last Wednesday... and he had already read up to Alma 40.  The first time we met with him was the week after conference.  So, I bet he is done with Helaman, or something.  i dont know, but we will see where he is today.  He always asks tons of questions and is really involved.  The hard thing is, he lives in Pest.  It takes him a half hour to walk to our branch house, but it would take him two hours for him to go to the church where he lives... so... we need to start getting everything figured out so he can start meeting with the missionaries he is supposed to.  It is really hard, especially since he lives so far away.  But, the Pest sisters are so solid, and the ward there is super cool, we just got to help him see that it is right. Too bad I am just too hilarious and awesome that he wants to stay here.

Most of the people we teach think I am pretty funny.  I was telling one of our investigators that I am going to die in the summer.  She just laughed... but I am serious.  It is already like 90 degrees here, and April hasn't even finished.  Everyone tells me it hasn't even gotten hot yet.  How dreadful.  It would be nice if you prayed for the work... but also pray that I dont die from heat exhaustion.  That would also be appreciated.  So much.

I love the work.  I love the people.  I love Hungary.  I love you (all of you)
Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy nővér

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