Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This wasn't supposed to happen...

So... it is transfers.  That is why this is getting back to you on Tuesday.  What a way to start a day.  We were all feeling pretty confident in me staying.  I thought, how silly would it be if I actually left.  And last night before I went to bed I thought, I am going to Szeged.  And then I thought, that is silly.  And, I went to bed.  Welp.  I work up early because I was so excited about transfers!  Tooooo nervous.  Normally the APs call, but if you get a call from President Smith you can expect to be training.  So.  President Smith called us this morning.  That wasn't supposed to happen!  Sister Larsen answered the phone and really all I heard was that I was leaving :(  I just started to cry... I am not ready to go.  I had 4 transfers in Kecskemét and only 2 here.  Very unfair.  I even told President Smith that this wasn't supposed to happen.  But, it is.  I actually stopped listening while I regained my thoughts and stuff...  But he repeated himself and filled me all in.  So.  Ready for the news?

I am training!!  I am opening Szeged, an area that hasn't had sisters for a couple of transfers.  I will be in the same city as the zone leaders--two elders that were in my district when I was but a wee new missionary.  I am really excited.  They are some of my best friends!  It is seriously going to rock.  I hear the branch their is solid, and it is my first branch, so that is exciting.  It is one of the prettiest cities in Hungary, and I am really stoked for it all.

This is a pretty picture of me and some pretty flowers.  We need to always be finding as missionaries, and I am kind of tired of starting conversations, so I will just kind of ask people questions.  For instance, the other day I met a girl with this huge rod pierced through her ear.  So, I talked to her.  Turns out she is a goalie for a competitive water polo team and she is going to go to the Olympics in a couple years.  So cool.  I am way glad I talked to her.  She might even come to English class!  So, I was on the HÉV, and I met this lady with tulips (my favorite flower in the whole world), and I asked her how they were called.  She said they are tulipán.  So pretty.  Similar to English.  Helpful.  And then I was just making small talk with her and I told her that they were my absolute favorite flowers and she gave them to me.  GAVE THEM TO ME!  She was telling me how she teaches piano and she got them from a student, and so, yeah.  They are mine now :)

So... there is this thing here called rain.  It is super crazy.  It just started lightly raining, and then it fell.  It was like... literally the whole sky just dropped on us.  Luckily we got to a tunnel just in time, but we waited there for awhile, and the wind was blowing and we were trying to share one umbrella.  Wow.  it was super crazy.  So, we gave up and just ran home!  We were pretty close, but we had to wait for a light to turn green, and a car splashed me pretty good... not fun.  I looked cute that day... but then.  It rained.  RAINED!  Yeah.  can't get over that one.  i don't like how humidity feels on my skin... and the rain.  Too wet.  Didn't like it.

We talk to crazy people all the time.  Not like we go and seek them out, but they come up to us and just start talking.  A lot of time they ask us for monies.  A lot of time, I dont really know why they talk to us.  A couple of my favorite memories...  This homeless guy comes up to us, speaking perfect English and starts talking to us about how he lived in Denver Colorado, and then starts singing, What shall we do with a drunken sailor, what shall we do with a drunken sailor...  Ha.  It was really funny.  He knew all the words too.  Very impressive.  Another guy came up to us asking for money.  It was like... the first week of the transfer and he was asking us for money.  I explained to him that I wouldn't be able to give him money, because I can't give money to people.  He told me that he isn't a person.  I said, really?  What are you?  He said he was a fish.  Ha, that was really funny.  Luckily we were able to leave right after that and I didnt have to explain why we don't give money to fish either.

I feel like I worked really hard and that I am leaving my sweat and tears here in Buda.  Leaving is really hard.  I get really excited to go and then I get really scared and sad.  I don't really know what to expect.  The hardest thing is leaving the people that I have worked with.  I mean, I found them!  I taught them.  I love them.  And now... I leave.  But, Sister Behunin is coming in my place--and the beauty of that is that I know what kind of missionary she is.  It is really important for me to remember that it doesnt matter what I do.  I mean, it does, but it isn't my work.  It is the Lord's work, and we all put in a part.  Just like in the costume shop.  Very rarely could I look at a costume and say, hey, I patterned it, i mocked it up, and then I sewed every piece of it into fashion fabric.  That is crazy.  We all are teaching these people.  We go into new areas and we don't know anyone and we start from the ground and we love them and we work hard and then... we leave!  And that is how it goes.  Transfer to transfer.  I am starting to really understand it now.  It is so crazy.  BBLAH!  Missions.  I love mine!!
Happy Cinco de Mayo.  Celebrating in style at a random taco place here.
Technically it wasn't the fifth of May, but whatever.
Christ lives.  He loves us.  We can be all that God wants us to be, but only through His sacred Son.

Jó étvágyat!
Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy nővér

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