Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby... you're a firework.

Yesterday we had official stuff to do in Budapest... and by we, I mean my companion.  We didn't get back in a timely manner so look.  Emailing on Tuesday again. I promise my PDay is still Monday.

I don't feel like I have much to say... so maybe I will express my week through pictures.
While I was in Budapest, I got to play tourist.  The sister that I was with is in her 5th transfer, so no one had to translate anything, we just walked and talked and if someone talked to us, we replied.  This is me being Katy Perry.  You can kind of see the lions that she walks by in her Firework video... and you can kind of see the castle...  And I am a firework.

But, don't be afraid mama, I am still doing missionary work, and I am somehow working cats into it!!

That baby kitten was  born on May 1.  So tiny.  They have three of them.  They haven't named them yet.  I told them they should name them fekete, fekete, and fekete.  (Google translate that one.  I am so funny.)    But that is our newest little investigator.  His name is Robi and I just love him!  He makes fun of us for not speaking Hungarian very well, but he gives  the best high fives of anyone I know, and he promised to pray on Thursday!  He is really sweet.  Yeah.  I am really excited to work with him and his family.  And their cats :)

I  am loving Szeged, but I will be honest when I say there are some serious ups and downs.  My companion had the great idea of fasting today, and I thought, I love eating, and I went for it.  I will admit, I am SOOOO thirsty.  Speaking Hungarian all day on the street and all day in programs sure does make one thirsty.  And we sang a lot today now that I think about it..  (Took the ukulele to a program.  It was a big hit.)  But, once again, fasting strikes again!  I have seen God's hand so much today, and I have felt His power behind the words that I am saying.  New missionaries are always right, we just have to be brave enough to run along with their crazy ideas sometimes :)

I keep having old guy hit on me, and I hate that, so if  there are any ideas how I get uglier or be less cool (which I am on slightly cool right now... so i don't want to loose all of that) I would be super interested in hearing about it.  The advice I have gotten thus far hasn't been productive.

Big shout out to Elder Robbins, who finishes his mission tomorrow.  Scary!  If anyone sees him, tell him I say hi.

Oh.  I reached my 11 mark yes
terday.  Scary.
Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy nővér

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