Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Turns out I ate brain this week.

Dear family,

Hi!  So, turns out there was a holiday yesterday... so we had to wait until today to email.  Look at this huge cotton candy I got yesterday!!  There is a big ol' festival going on in Szeged this week, and so we got to kind of check everything out.  It is a wine festival... so when I said we checked everything out, I mean we only checked out the food.  Look at this cotton candy that is bigger than my torso!!  I bought the small.  It was like... 1.75 american dollars.  I love Hungary.  She made it over a flame too.  Who needs electricity?

This is me and Sister Maxfield, loving life as always.  Our apartment is kind of interesting.  We sleep in a loft.  This is us sitting on the couch in my closet.  Still have fears of writing couch and coach wrong.  Turns out that doesnt go away with time.  But I love Sister Maxfield.  She is a super hard worker.  She got called like two months before she was supposed to enter the MTC and they asked her to go on in TWO WEEKS!  She quit her job and came, and now we are having the best time in the whole world.  Working hard... or hardly working.  Just kidding.  We work al the time.  We are exhausted all the time.  That is why I look so tired ALL THE TIME NOW.  People always ask if I am tired... awesome...

Yeah, so let's get to the important things.  I ate brain.  We went to this restaurant after District Meeting with like, eight other missionaries.  One of them goes home next transfer, two more the transfer after that, so I just ordered what they all got, because it was cheap, and they speak Hungarian so they know what is good.  Right?  Wrong.  We got this super big bowl of yummy tomato soup and some rice, and some deep fried something.  It was like a cordon bleu, only in the fact it was breaded and fried, and then it was a meat, and then it had something inside.  I thought it was like ground liver and insides.  I didn't love it, so I didn't finish it.  One Elder started talking about how it looked like brain, and we just laughed.  Ha.  Who would order brain at a restaurant?  Answer.  10 silly missionaries that don't speak Hungarian.  We got the phone call a couple hours later after someone looked it up in the dictionary.  Awesome.  Hope I don't get some weird disease.  But so far, so good.

We are meeting with some incredible people.  We have had a lot of success using the area book and talking to people on the street.  I will tell you about two awesome people we are meeting with.  One guy met with the missionaries clear back in 2008, and one of my MTC teachers met with him.  Crazy.  He has had three strokes, and he is only able to communicate with us through blinking.  It is really hard, and I have to think SOOOO hard about speaking Hungarian, because I really want him to understand.  His wife isn't a member, and has never met with the missionaries, but we are really trying to help her around the house and all that jazz.

Welp.  Turns out this email didn't send last week... sorry.

Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy nővér

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