Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I think getting locked out of my email is the coolest.

Dear Family,
Now that you are reading the Hulbert's blog, I probably don't even need to email anymore :)  Ha.  Hmm... But, right now I can't really think of where to start, so we will look at today and work backwards? 

We went to the Jewish Synagogue in town today.  Really pretty.  They had some pictures of it during World War II when all of the Jews were kicked out they just kind of used it as a big storage  unit.  Super crazy.  There were all of these crazy interesting signs to read, and although it took me a long time, and I didn't complete understand everything, it was so cool.  I found it so interesting.  I have more pictures... but I didn't want to send all of them.  Super pretty, super old building.  I love it.  Sister Hulbert and I just sat down and were talking about how much money and time went into creating this building, and it reminded me  of Alma 32.  Like, awesome, gorgeous church, the people construct it ,but then when it gets down to it, it is too fantastic for all the people to worship in.  Our churches here are super simple... Like, our meeting house right now is a rented out office space kind of thing--it is really nice, but it is still simple.  Our new branch house is actually just a block away from the synagogue.  Way cool.

 I got a pretty cool email today.  I don't know if anyone remembers Jimmy Stephens, but I worked with him for a little bit.  He is on a mission in Germany.  The other day, like two weeks ago really, I met with this way cool guy from Bulgaria.  I spoke a little Bulgarian with him (that is right, I am learning tooons of languages here.  I can say one whole word in Bulgarian) and we talked to him about the creation and God and life. It was really cool.  But, he is just a tourist, just in town for the night, but he gave us his email address and said he would be totally interested in meeting the missionaries, so I got his information to the mission office and they got it off to Germany.  So.  I got an email from Elder Stephens today, and he said he just got transferred to Dresden Germany... the exact place where my Bulgarian friend is from!!  AND!!!  He got my referral!  I was like freaking out. He said some sisters from Hungary had got it, and he thought how cool and random it would be if it was from me.  So cool, but totally not random.  That there is a little gift from God!

This picture is me, swinging with a cute girl in one of the families we teach.  Ha.  I gave her and her sister a Mickey Mouse sticker and they absolutely loved it.  They are a nice little family, and we were working with them on some english, and we were talking about colors and i made reference to the song black and yellow... and they were all singing it when we came back the next week.  Turns out I should probably be a little bit more careful about when I bring up in programs!

So interesting.  I have never served a mission in anyother country, so I don't really know what it is like.  But people here ask us all of the time for money, they ask for jobs, they just ask for a lot of stuff that we can't necessarily give them.  It is super hard to be like, I am sorry you can't afford your house, but can I talk to you about how God loves you?  But!  We totally had that happen.  I was so shocked when they stopped and listened to our message.  We have been meeting with them for the past couple of weeks, and they really are just interested in our message.  They are going through hard times, but today we talked about what faith really means.  She told me, I have faith, and by the end, her attitude towards it and what faith meant , how we have to do, had changed.  Really cool.  Her son said the closing prayer.  I am sure in other missions this is like... a common accurance... but for me it is a really cool thing.  I love hearing people prayer.

I know that this church is true, that God knows each of us individually.  He is preparing us, constantly, for what lies ahead.  We just need to accept everything and endure it well!

Jó étvágyat,
Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy nővér

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