Sunday, April 7, 2013

Today is April Fools. The only joke is that no stores are open.

Dear family,

Happy Easter!!  Hungarians celebrate holidays for a long time... so today is still Easter.  Something we hadn't really planned on... so all the groceries stores are closed... and yeah... so we are hoping to find some random corner shop that is open.  That would be cool.

Want to know what isn't cool?  When you tell me about all of these crazy changes going on at the house and no pictures are sent.  Something as monsterous as all of our bushes being ripped out of our front yard is a huge deal... I have literally no way to comprehend what our house even looks like.  My mind has been blown...  Rachel's right though.  No more kissing on the front porch.  Everyone will be able to see.

What a week!!  What a change!!  I am so happy.  I love it.  Seriously.  We are so happy together and this is just week one!  I am trying to introduce both of them to lots of Hungarian eats, and so that has been fun.   Oh no.  I had an awful dream where I gained so much weight that when I was wearing my biggest skirt it was still too small.  It was awful.  The skirt is big and has an elastic waistband.  I wear it where I used to wear my pants.  It was an awful dream.  Awful.  Anyway... Here we are!! 

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I am serving with Sister Larsen, from Gilbert, Arizona.  She is in her second transfer.  Before this she served in Kecskemét.  She graduated in something like exercise science before she came out here--that's a blessing after my crzy drm--and she is really a go getter.  Doing GREAT with the language and isn't afraid of anything.  Then we've got Sister Falslev!  I barely figured out how to say her name.  Ha.  She is from South Weber, Utah.  She got her call in August, so she is 21.  There were a couple in her group that we 19 and 20, but we got ourselves one of the "old" ones.  She studied to be an elementary school teacher, and she is also a go getter!  These two just want to find people all of the time.  I love it.  We had seven programs not show up in two days... so we got to turn lots of teaching time into finding time, and the best part is that they were totally willing to just go and do it.  We have taken up a new favorite finding technique that we call Metroing.  What that means is that we go into the Metro, like a subway, and we talk to people waiting for the the metro.  Once they get on, we move the other platform and talk to people there.  I don't know if it is or isn't allowed, so when the cops show up we get on the metro and go to the next stop and talk to people there for a little while until we feel like we need to ride back.  It is pretty funny, but good work.  

Yesterday we wanted to go tracting.  We were going to get into an apartment building and go crazy knocking it out!  But, no one would answer the buzzer at the front door, and when they did they just got mad that I was bothering them on Easter, so we gave up and started walking around.  Seriously, I have never felt more lead by the Spirit in my life.  We turned around.  First person we talk to on the corner--from California, started building a relationship with God last summer, would be interested in what we have to teach.  Cool.  Go to Széll Kálmán Tér.  Try talking to people, doesn't feel right, oh and it is freezing, so we decide to go Metroing.  We go down, police are at the first station, so we ride to the next one.  Talk to a couple people, feels awful.  There is a big picture of Buda on the wall and I tell Sister Larsen to pick where we should go next.  As we are standing there talking, Sister Falslev just starts saying hi to people.  One lady got confused that she said hi, because she thought they were supposed to have known each other (I say it is a premortal existense friendship), and then we start talking to her.  Big family, already religious, but wouldn't mind learning more.  Cool!  Ride back to Széll Kálmán tér with her.    We get off. Have absolutely no idea what we are doing, so we decide to pray.  We went around and said what we felt.  Sister Larsen and I didn't have anything to go off of... but Sister Falslev wanted to go back to the white building we had walked by when we first went tracting.  We head up there.  I hit the last name on the buzzer.  I ask her if she will let us in.  She says she will, but she doesn't want us to come to her door.  Awesome!  So we go in.  Knock all of the doors.  Absolutely nothing came from it.  Went on the street.  Talked to two guys from England.  Sister Falslev had a long day, church on the first Sunday is hard, and she said when they started speaking British English she was just like, I can't even speak English anymore!!  Ha.  They had really thick accents, but they were really cool.  Not interested in learning more though... at least they were honest!  And all of these "little" moments led to the point where we started to go home and we met Zsuzsa and her son.  We just said hi to them, and asked how they find happiness in their lives.  Her son is our age, he talked about music and stuff, and he seemed really cool, but Zsuzsa gave him the keys and he went home.  Then Zsuzsa and I just talked.  It was seriously, so good.  She shared her feelings, her hopes, her fears.  She is incredible.  We gave her a Book of Mormon, and I am going to be giving her a phone call tomorrow.  She doesn't want me to call today, because it is a holiday.  It is so incredible.  The Lord lead us to the places we went just so we could have that seven second opportunity to say hi, and then he gave us the next few minutes to openly discuss what we believe.

God loves us.  I have always known that.  I have always been so sure of it, but it is in those beautiful instances when it truly becomes glorious.  He is greater than we are, but He is still mindful of everysingle one of us.  So, in Alma 26:37 it says, "látjuk, hogy, Isten minden népre gondol, bármely földön legyenek is; igen, megszámlálja az ő népét"  That is the part that I like the most.  It says that, We should see that God thinks about every people, seriously, like everyone, and that God counts His people.  He really does care so much about us.  He wants us to be happy.  He wants us to do what's right.  He wants us to find Him.  I love it.  So.  That is why I am here.  Gotta help people find out more!  I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and the opportunity I have to help people learn more about Him.  I started the Book of Mormon again, from the first page.  I loved it.  The Book of Mormon.  Another testament of Jesus Christ.  I already know what the book is going to be about!  Jesus Christ.  Must be a good read.

This is us in front of the church.  We moved.  We literally live right across the street.  Fine.  Across the street and over to the left.  But, it is really nice, and I can write notes on my windows for the people in the mission office :)

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Welp, daylight savings was yesterday, and I am more exhausted than ever! Feel free to pray for me :)

Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy nővér

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