Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Being senior mostly means I have to pretend to speak Hungarian.

Hi family!

I am still in Hungary, still doing missionary work!  The only difference is that I don't really know the people, which is a blessing, and a curse!  Because I don't know the people it is just hard to remember and things are hard... but, because I don't know the people I can ask them ALL to be baptized.  Two people have committed to a baptism date since Sister Peterson and I have been together, and I imagine that it will keep going up and up!
Saying goodbye to Kecskemét was really hard.  One of my teachers in the MTC said when you leave your first area you feel like you will never love again.  He said you get over it and just keep working.  He's right.  Who knew the MTC teachers would be right so often?  But, saying goodbye was hard.  We are in the same stake here though, and so hopefully I can kick it here until Stake Conference and we can all hang out or something awesome like that.

So long Kecskemét!
The people here speak a ton of English, there is poop in the streets, and a toooon of missionaries.  It is really different for me.  I am starting to really like it though.  I do really like being able to go to the mission home and pick up my mail whenever I want.  I mean, if there were a time in someone's mission to get mail this would be it!!  That is to be read as a subtle hint... Hopefully it came off blunt enough :)
Dad!  I got your great letter.  Thanks for the article.  I am going to share it with my mission president.  I really liked it a lot.  Mom, thanks for sending me a copy of my membership record.  Now that most of those covenants and ordinaces are mostly taken care of, I really need to work on that whole... enduring to the end thing.
Want to see something cool?  This is what I wake up to everyday.
Inline image 2
That is my ceiling!  This is the view out of the window.
Inline image 3
So... turns out I live in a beautiful place!  The green domb is Buda Castle, it has the big courtyard in it where Katy Perry filmed the Firework music video.  On the right there is that mountain thing.  That is Gellert Hegy.  Mom, Dad.  If you remember, that is where there were the three big statues.  You can kind of see the one standing there, she has a leaf in her hand if I remember right.  And then there were the two other statues, one I think is smashing up a serpent, and the other is like running with a torch.  I can't remember exactly, but that could help you out with the area.  It is kind of really dead right now... but hopefully it turns out to be really pretty once spring decides to come.
The work in Buda is going along really great.  Sister Peterson is 21, she went to Cyprus High School, she went to U of U, this is really her first time living away from home, so we are making sure she is learning a lot, but still partying.  She loves to sing.  She has more variety than any radio station I have ever listened to.  She has a boyfriend in Mexico, random, and she eats pasta for almost every meal.  Things are really great here, huh :)  She has been here for 6 weeks now, and says she hasn't seen much of the city, so I am excited to just go off and adventure!  We are hoping we can go get lost for a bit today, and still have time to make it to our programs tonight.
The moment of truth.  How is it really going?  Honestly, it is going great.  I am leading lessons and we really are having a lot of success.  There is a magical thing they use in this city called, tabling.  We set up a table advertized for free stuff, and then we just talk to people when they come up to see what it is all about.  I met a really funny man that moved to Canada during the revolution, ended up in New York, and now he is working on a coin with Obama's face on it to sell.  He was really cool.  He kept getting closer and closer and I was scared he was going to kiss me or something!  Luckily, he only kissed my hand when he left.  Elder Pendleton taught me some good techniques to make people stand further away from me when we talk.  Good times.

So.  Let the truth be told.  There was some problems when I tried to send this, and so it is a little bit late, and some of the email that I typed got erased.  That is how life goes!!  It is amazing here.  I really have noticed God's help in letting me speak the language and I can feel His spirit with me everyday.  Life goes on and I love it.

Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy nővér

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