Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So... It's February already?

I had a surprise visit the other day!  I got a phone call and I heard this guy say that he and I had a similar aquaintance (does that make sense in English?).  At first I was confused and thought he was the boyfriend of someone my companion had taught in a different city, and then he said he knew my Aunt Lisa.  And then he started speaking in English and everything when a lot smoother.  His name is Szilárd and he worked with Aunt Lisa in Iraq!  He was really nice, and he gave me his contact information so if I ever go out to Kaposvár we can talk.  That was funny counting numbers that night, "Oh, and then there is Szilárd, the referral from your aunt."  He was in Kecskemét just for the day, and it was so cool to meet him!

Sister Behunin and I went up to Budapest for interviews with the mission president.  My favorite!  I am really blessed, and I have had a lot of interviews with the mission president.  AH!  What if it is because I am the problem missionary... that would be awful...  But it was really great.  I talked about wanting to serve through December and into January and basically stay here as long as I can.  He told me he would love to keep me, but he can't promise anything because our transfers will probably change again... They keep changing because of new missionaries coming in.  Definitely not a problem, it is an exciting time to be in the mission.  He totally understands my desire it to stay here as long as I can and is willing to help me stay. :)  Yay!

Inline image 2  
This is us at the Kecskemét train station... getting ready to go into the big city!!

We are having a lot of success together.  Sister Behunin is a lot of fun and a really good worker.  She speaks really well, and she helps me a lot with my language.  We are working on getting my language skills really understandable, transfers are in two weeks and we think I will be going senior.  Who knows?!  Not me.  But I would rather be overprepared with the language than underprepared.  The people we work with everday are really cool.  It is hard sometimes.  We invite, they commit, we follow up.  Sometimes when we follow up we realize important points have been lost somewhere.  Maybe we didn't teach it well enough, maybe it really is hard to understand the personal relationship we need to God, and so we are working on getting it back to basics.  

The bishop here, Mecséri Oliver, invited us over for dinner and a movie on Sunday.  So, we ate some lunch and then we watched the coolest video!!  I loved it.  It was based on some stake in Illinois and their involvement with family history and how it is so important for people to get involved with family history and then get them to the temples!!  I don't know if it that available for people to watch, but it was really inspring.  That combined with an incredible lesson in Relief Society has really gotten me pumped to work on family history stuff when I get home... I am so excited for it!!  But, I am excited to start really implementing family history more as we teach.  It makes the temple come alice, and I think that is what we miss sometimes.  The temple and family history work aren't different programs, they are the same.  We do family history work so we can go to the temple to do their work so we can be families forever.  Our hearts truly are turned to our fathers and we become a part of something bigger.  I love it!!  Family history.

In other random news.  I found a dress in our apartment a couple of transfers ago.  This is us at Thanksgiving--I am wearing the dress!Inline image 1
So, last week we had a program with Misi, and I wore this dress.  I wasn't wearing the sweater, and he though it was the funniest thing.  He walked in.  First thing he says--cute.  He continued to tell me how it was so funny, but really cool, and that he thought I looked like a belonged in the army.  When I stood up and he saw my boots he just started laughing harder saying how I would be the best in the army.  And then I put on my dark green pea coat.  He started laughing so hard.  I even saluted him when I left.  It was really fun.  But, turns out, it really stuff with him, because on Sunday he kept telling everyone the same story.  I think I might wear that to every program with him from here on out.  That will be a great idea... So great.

The church is the best.  I am so happy because of what I have learned through regular church attendance.  If you think you are too cool for church you need to be humbled!!  Church is the best place for us to be on Sundays.  We can love and support each other.  We lift each other up when we go to church.  In the parable of the lost sheep, one sheep leaves, and the shephard leaves the 99 and to go find him.  It is important for the 99 to stay together.  To work together and to not let anyone else go!!  We need to constantly work--do our visiting teaching, home teaching, and such--so that we can call be encouraged to stay together as our little flock!!

God loves us all.
Sok szeretettel,
Kenned nővér

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