Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Dear family,

Let's start with the good stuff!!  Rachel has seriously been called to the best mission in the world.  What missionary wouldn't want to go to New Zealand?!!?  I spent my language study finding out words that I could use to talk about her mission call.... But I mostly just learned how to say New Zealand... which is Új Zéland.  Exotic.  Let me act out what happened that morning that you called.  It was Saturday.  I was sleeping, and I heard the phone vibrate.  I thought it was weird Sister Behunin had set the alarm on the phone, we normally wake up to music.  She turned it off, and then it went off again.  I asked her what time it was, and she said 6:20--Some unknown number keeps calling!!  My heart jumped!!  But then I remembered that Rachel had said the parents would be home Saturday, and that her call probably was coming next week.  And then I heard the phone vibrate again.  Sister Behunin answers, and then I heard dad's voice.  I said, that's my dad!!  I was so excited!!  Congratulations on the call.  I don't know if you recorded the sound or a video, but I would love to get a copy of it :)  I wish I would have thought to stay on and talk longer, but it was good to be with everyone when my favorite person in the whole world got her mission call.  Good luck prepping Rachel, give 'em heaven!!

So.  The exciting news.  Transfers.  Any guesses where I am going???  If anyone paid attention to my end of the phone call, I did say where I thought I was going... and I was right :)

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So that is exciting.  Buda.  We will see how it goes :)

We had an awful and awesome week, all at the same time!!  Half of our scheduled appointments cancelled, and most of the people we wanted to meet with we weren't able to.  Last week I mentioned a lady, Csilla, that we streeted into and got a program set up with her.  We talked to her and had a great program.  She is married and has a cute little two year old girl :)  We did the Restoration with her, gave her a Book of Mormon and scheduled to come back.  Yesterday we went and visited her.  Her whole family was there, excited, and ready to learn about what we were going to teach to them!!  We taught the Plan of Salvation. She loved that there isn't just heaven and hell, and she also loved that the plan was made for her!  We had drawn her the plan on a paper, and she showed to to her husband and said it was for them.  She was so excited when we told them that their family could live together forever.  She and her husband are the cutest.  It was their anniversary.  She said it was on Sunday, and then he said, wrong, it is today!  She laughed and said, I don't pay attention to the dates, I just celebrate being with him.  If I want to buy him a gift, I do it.  I thought it was the sweetest thing. She is the sweetest.  Any.  We had put different tabs into her Book of Mormon, and I had recommened 2 Nephi 2, and during the lesson I asked her if she had read any of it.  She pulled out 2 Nephi 2, had it marked, and then we asked her if she had read anything else. She said she read from the book everyday and that it is going to be useful in her life, and that she wants to do it everyday.  WOW!!  Wow.

Saying goodbye to everyone is really hard.  I am really sad to leave.  I didn"t necessarily think I would be, but I am.  This place is solid.  The ward members.  Incredible.  The investigators.  Awesome.  People are quirky.  They are blessed.  God loves Kecskemét.  So do I :(  I am sad to go!  Buda is going to be cool though.  When I introduce myself I will probably tell them all about how I was here a couple years ago, and I understand a little more.

Oh.  Yeah.  I am going to be a senior companion.  My companion has been in the field for five weeks.  Welp.  Hopefully she knows her way around the city.  I know the Lord will qualify me with my language and that there won't be too many tears!!

We must go onward.  We fear not, for our mother's knew.
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Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy nővér

PS  Rachel is going on a mission!!!!

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