Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I sat on the front row in choir.

      This week was such a treat!  To start off with:  Mom!  Thanks so much for the package.  I love the shoes and everything in it.  So... there is a pair of shoes and the leather is different colors.  I noticed it the first day I wore them... and then the next day I thought, I can still wear them even if they don't match.  Um... I don't know if I can, but I will buy some polish today from the bookstore and hopefully I can make them the same color.  I also want to thank everyone that has sent me their heart felt testimonies!  I have loved reading them, and the best part about it being on a postcard, is it has to be simple.  They are super great.
     The weeks are all the same now, and I feel the only thing that changes is when someone in our district says something funny.  Which, is always really good.  We worked really hard this week to recognize and teach with the spirit.  It was a really cool experience working one on one with an investigator, really it was someone in our district just role playing, and talking to them.  Finding out what scares them, what set backs might be in their progression, and then instead of teaching them directly, letting the spirit testify to them.  It was really cool.  I am really growing to love our district, and I imagine them as my happy and cute little family.  We get along really well most of the time, and the other times don't happen very often.  That is good stuff :)
    This is the new word I learned this week:  patogató kukorica.  Dad.  I hope you use this word all of the time!  It means popcorn.  I love popcorn.  They have microwaves here and you can buy a bag to pop in a vending machine and make it right there!  Isn't the world fascinating?!  Popcorn in a vending machine?!  Neato!
     Grandma, I got your email.  Thank you so much for sending it to me!  I also got your Dear Elder and your snail mail.  You win for the person to have written me the most this week!  Go you!  Expect a real letter in the next couple of days.  I liked that you mentioned President Uchdorf's Forget Me Not talk.  I actually had just read that on Sunday.  It is such a good talk.  I read it mostly because I had remembered the last section was to not be hard on yourself, but then when I read the whole thing I realized it was pure gold, and I was so grateful for it.  Thanks for reminding me about Grandpa.  I wish I had known him better in this life, but it is nice that he can go with me and be an angel to me while I serve in Hungary.  Plus!  One day I can get to know him in the after life.  I think that will be the best day--when I am able to meet all of my ancestors and thank them for the sacrifices and positive examples.  So cool.
     Best of luck to everyone in my family that is moving and settling in.  Andrew and Chelsea--Mom sent me some updates from your trip.  Sounds great!  I hope that you get back to 'Merca safely.  Matthew--Please.  Go see Newsies on Broadway.  I can't remember if it is playing... but I do remember that is one of your favorite movies.  Oh.  And have fun living in New York!  Rachel--Your place sounds fun and so cute.  Make sure to send me pictures.  Daniel and Leah--I just didn't want you to feel left out... but!  I want to hear about your garden.  I don't know why, I just do.  And parents--Be safe in Peru!
     If anyone reading this goes to the Brigham City Temple Open House, I would love for you to write me and tell me all about it!  Tell me about the spirit your felt, how pretty it was, if you invited someone to go with you--what their thoughts were.  I really want to be involved even though I can't be.
    My throat has still been really swollen and I promised Watts nővér last week that if I still didn't feel good this week that I would go to the doctor.  So i did.  And you know what!?  We got to cross the street and go the BYU health clinic.  I am fine.  But, we took steps into the real world!!  The MTC is funny because everyone feels so trapped... but we all chose to come here... and although there is a fence around the campus it isn't like we are being locked in.  Oh people and their silly attitudes and weird perspectives on life.
     We have firesides every Sunday and Tuesday.  The choir performes on Tuesday and it is really fun.  The Elders in our district like to be to choir practice early, which is fine for them, but when we show up early we sit on the front row.  YIKES!  These sweet secretaries always ask us, and you can't say no to someone who is trying to help you have a positive experience as a missionary.  So, for the last two weeks, we have sat on the front row.  This week Motra Hoover and I gave the prayers.  Front row.  I love the choir though.  It is really fun.  Everyone should do it.
     I am so grateful for the love that my Savior has for me.  I know that Christ is my Savior and that it is because of His Atonement that I can return to live with my Heavenly Father for forever.
     Welp!  We get two new Elderek going to Hungary...  So we need to find the Elderek in our district so we can camp out and shout Hungarian phrases at the new Elders when they show up.  When I showed up to the MTC that is what the older district did for us.  It was terrifying... and exciting.
Hermana Rhiannon Johnson says, ''Les amo mucho.''
    I love you and and am so honored to know you and to have you in my life!  If you want a cool challenge for the week--I challenge you to pray to REALLY have the Holy Ghost in your life this week.
Kennedy nővér

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