Friday, August 17, 2012

Chocolate milk=csoki té

August 15, 2012
     Thanks for forwarding that great message from Bro. Montgomery!  I love his letters and I absolutely love the pictures.  They are really beautiful.  I can't wait to get back and go into that beautiful temple!  I really want to be a temple worker.  I think that would be really cool.  I love temples.  A lot.  Everyone should go.  A lot.  We did initiatory work today and it was fantastic.  We did some Hungarian and French names.  YAY!  It was really great.  Have I ever mentioned the love eating breakfast at the temple?!  Today I had an Italian quiche with hot chocolate and hashbrowns.  So delicious.
     I watched a really good Mormon message this week--It is called Stay Within the Lines.  It is taken from Jeffrey R. Holland's talk, but I don't know which one.  It is fantastic and really lays down the law on how we need to live chaste lives.  Super good.  Everyone should watch it.  Especially all of the young men that are preparing to go on missions.
     Elder Sullivan came and found me during his last MTC devotional on Sunday.  He gave me a handshake and said, this is for Rachel, and then asked that I tell her hello.  So, hello!  Just so you know, he wanted to write you back, but he didn't quite have time with all of the final preparations of things.  Packing and laundry and such.  Turns out leaving is really stressful, and there isn't as much time as one might want.
    OH!!!  On Sunday, Perkins nover had to get to a meeting and I was still eating, so I was just going to go sit with my Albanian companion, Motra Hoover.  As I was walking I hit my tray into the wall, right where the window was.  I watched as my full glass of chocolate milk spilled ENTIRELY on the clean, white drape.  So embarrassing.  It was, literally, a full glass of chocolate milk.  Luckily, it was in a paper cup, so there was no glass or anything, but oh man.  There was chocolate milk everywhere.  There was a group of Elders going to the Phillipines right next to me, and Elder Gibson, I think, got right up and started helping me clean it up.  I was embarrassed, but I tried to be really graceful and pretend it wasn't a big deal.  We got most of it soaked up with napkins and then while I went to tell one of the workers that something had happened he finished cleaning it up.  I later saw him at the temple walk and thanked him again.  He was really great to help me so quickly!  My favorite part of the story--Four days later, and the chocolate milk stained curtain is still there.  It really does make me so happy, even if it is really lame!
     I can't believe our family is literally living all across the United States!  It is very exciting.  Andrew and Matthew.  Get involved with your wards right away!  And then, get involved with the work.  Start looking for people in the ward that you can serve and find the people that are less active and need to be found.  David F. Evans spoke to us on Tuesday, and he read Luke 15.  Read it, and think about how you can find that person that is lost.  There are so many different examples of what it means to be lost in the church--nonmember, inactive, or maybe just unsensitive to the teachings of the spirit.  When we have compassion on the people around us, we are able to testify of God's love in the most beautiful and simple way.  Help everyone!  We keep being told that Hungary needs finders.  We need to find what is lost and help them to know where they belong.
     So, it is week 2 in my second planner.  Week 3 will come and go in a breeze, and then I start week 4.  Concecration week starts on that Wednesday, and will carry on until week 5.  I will probably give up mail or something like that... so if you want to send me a package... please don't delay!!  After concecration week ends on that Wednesday, we have In-Field Orientation on Friday, pack our bags, and I think we leave that Monday on week 6.  AHHHHH!  I was in the shower the other day, and it suddenly hit me.  I can't go on a mission!!  What am I thinking??  Going out and living in Hungary for 15 months and telling people what I know and love?!  How could I go on a mission?  And then I realized, it's too late now!  I am already on one :)  Time is just going by so quickly.  I love the MTC!!  Leaving it seems really, really scary.
     This week in my personal reflection, I started thinking about how I would hate to be anybody else.  I just started thinking about how I really love who I am, and I really love my family, and I really love my friends, and I just thought it would be really lame to be anyone else.  I am so grateful for all of the things that God has given me in my life so that I am comfortable and confident with who I am.  It is amazing how important my mission call is to me.  Hungary means so much to me.  I believe that, just as I was called to Hungary, we have been called to our families and to the lives that we really are living.  This life is a test and we should constantly strive to be our best in everything we do.  I really think it would be too bad to die with a huge list of "to-dos" or if we died with regrets.  I don't know if that makes sense... but I thought about that a little this week.
    On Sundays we take assessments, and this week we had to update our profile.  So, I went to the main page and then I went onto Meet Mormons, because I like to see if I know anyone.  This week I saw Hannah McVey's profile!!!  They only put about 25 up everyday, and I was so excited to see it!!  Someone, anyone, tell her that I love her and miss her and that I hope she is killing her bucket list for this year!!
I love you all!  I wouldn't be who I am without you.  That is true for anyone reading this.
Kennedy nővér

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