Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hello family!!
I hope that everything is going fantastic.  Today is such a beautiful day.  We walked to the temple to do initiatory early, like normal, but today there was no sun!  Pretty crazy that it is so dark now.  The flower smelled beautiful and the smell of the rain about to drop is just what I need.  I love the rain.  On long days in the classroom, all I want to do is stand out in the rain and feel it fall upon my face!  But, it doesnt rain that often in the middle of Utah.
I am so excited to hear all of the news going on at the temple!  What an exciting adventure the people of Brigham City get to participate in.  I cannot wait to go in!  I don't know if I have said this before, but i really want to be a temple worker when I get home.  There are a handful of young sisters serving here and I think it is the absolute best thing.  I would love the hear even more about the temple.  I LOVE TEMPLES!  Mom, Dad, I hope you have a fantastic time volunteering tomorrow morning.
Dad, I am glad to hear you are out and about travelling and doing stuff for work.  Somebody's got to be earning money to pay tithing to help support the Church, am I right?  It is so weird to think that I have literally given up almost everything for the next 18 months... Wow.  I mean, 16 months.  But, I never get this time back, so I am working as hard as I can to be good.  Last night, Neil L. Andersen came and spoke to us.  It was really fun.  Because yesterday was President Monson's birthday, we sang happy birthday, and then Elder Andersen taught us things that he thought the Prophet would want us to know.  After devotionals we always get together and we talk about what we learned and what we were impressed by.  Our Branch President, President Oswald, shared some really great scriptures.  One of the points that Elder Andersen said was, Let the Lord shape your back.  We talked about it for a bit, and then President Oswald shared Mosiah 24:14-25.  Life is hard.  Our burdens may never go away, but God has promised to help us.  So, I am looking this week to see any burden in my life and how the Lord can help lift it.  I recommend everyone try it.  Who knows?  Maybe the Lord will help you.  Oh.  And then we were talking to Sister Oswald, and that was really neat!  She has a grandson on a mission in... Croatia?  And he comes home next month.  She is so proud of him and tells great stories.  She has a picture of him in her journal that she takes notes in, and it is a picture of him just walking away into the MTC--so only the back of him.  And she said to me, do you think he had any idea what path he was really taking when he walked in those doors?  Do you think he really knew where his journey would take him?  And then we talked about how cool it will be to look back on the mission and see the journey.  See the progress.  That is what the gospel is all about--progress.  It is an individual thing, and I can only compare myself to... me.  But it is such a blessing!  In Preach My Gospel there are a bunch of quotes from every prophet on missionary work.  President Hinckley said, "Your obligation is as serious in your sphere of responsibilty as is my obligation in my sphere."  I love it.  No matter what our calling or what our duty is, we need to fulfill it, and God can help us!  wow.  The gospel is neat!
So... Last week!  i am doing laundry when i got a call from the District President... I was terrified!  I had no idea what it was for!!  But, it was just to get all of the things sorted out for the Hungarian sister in Ogden.  Luckily everything got sorted out and I just took the stuff into the main office and they got it all sent to her!  Thanks so much for the great help.
Tomorrow is an exciting day.  Perkins nover, Motra Hoover, and I are all auditioning for a musical number!  They perform in devotionals and meetings and such.  We are excited and nervous.  Naturally.  Tomorrow is also the second day that I will be speaking only Hungarian.  We had our first total Hungarian day yesterday, and it was really difficult.  It is so easy for me to compare myself to everyone in my district.  They all have a lot of really great strengths so I just feel mediocre and average, but it's okay!  I am still learning a lot, and although speaking Hungarian is really draining, it is a blessing, and I know it is helping me so much.  I will say this though, it was weird waking up this morning and just talking in English.  I loved it.
Oh!  I have never really talked about gym.  So a couple of weeks ago during daily planning, I thought, yeah!  i am totally going to love and respect my body!  So I started legit working out.  I know I had already mentioned that I had done a bunch of sit ups, but it's been really cool!  Miller Elder, in my district, loves working out!  And there is a building here that has a ton of weights and bikes and some weird exercise video, and so he started showing me how to lift weights and such!  Don't be too nervous, I promise I haven't bulked up... yet!  Ha... I can only bench like... 20 lbs...  But is has been so great.  Motra Hoover and I love gym now!  We ride bikes and run.  i know.  Who have I become?!  i love it though!  I feel so good.  Motra Hoover and I decided to go outside and run, because it was a pretty day, and there was literally no one on the field.  Way weird.  So, we decided to play soccer!  I haven't played soccer in such a long time.  It was really fun, and Motra Hoover taught me how to kick a ball.  It was so much fun!
I absolutely love being on a mission.  Can't believe that I am going to leave the MTC someday... it feels like I will be serving here forever!  I know that Heavenly Father's plan for us is real, and that there is a reason that I have been called to serve in Hungary.  There is a reason I have been in the MTC for 12 weeks.  There is a reason I was born into the family that I have.  I am blessed with my experiences for a reason and I know that they can only make me better.  One day, I will find out some of these reasons, but who knows, maybe I won't find out for awhile and I will just have to be patient.  Patience... that is something I think everyone needs to work on.
Kennedy nővér

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