Monday, November 25, 2013

They don't even have a Hungarian word for "nerd."

October 28, 2013

I hope everyone has a happy halloween! We will be having zone conference that day, so we should have a rocking time. Luckily I got all of my "dressing up" all out of me, so I won't be tempted to wear something silly in front of an area seventy. 

So, we had a little halloween party here the other night, and it was pretty great! We dressed up as nerds! But, no one really recognized what we were... they just kept saying, oh what cute school girls you are! Umm... nerd. Turns out, Hungarians have altered the German word stréber to mean nerd, so, that is interesting. Here we are!

They had bobbing for apples! It was the girst time I had ever done it. Roberta volunteered to hold my hair out of the water (see yellow arm) and she kept PUSHING MY HEAD IN! Ha. I was super unimpressed. But, it was a super fun time. I really enjoyed the party. People were saying that it was better than any party... possibly ever. Probably better than american parties! We had two nonmember families who came to the party, a lot of people from english class, and a couple of our investigators. It was so awesome. Everyone really felt good the whole time, and everyone had lots of fun. There were kids running around throwing things and there was some screaming, and it was really loud, and I didn't like it, but then one of the senior sisters said, it sounds like home, and I realized she was right! It sounds like singles wards here... always super quiet... and then you go to a home ward and it is too loud! So, I guess our goal is to bring some kids in here to make the group a little bit... louder!

This cute, super awesome family brought a cake to the party with fingers and eyeballs!  Ha.  The mom is a neuroligist, and she was dressed up as a witch telling us how she worked the night shift last night, and how that is how she got all of the things, and then she cackled.  So, so brilliant.  It really was so much fun.Oh!!  And I almost forgot.  See that jar of worms?!  I won that!  I have never been good at those guessing games, but, for the first time in my life I guessed right!!!

We went on splits this week and I was with Sister Falslev--super fun! It is always weird working with my old companions. First off--probably because they can speak Hungarian now. Second off--we don't have to do any like, chit chat to find out information about each other, instead we just know each other and just talk. So, I really liked the split. We talked about tons of different things, and had some good work. We went tracting and had a miracle. Not a huge miracle, maybe a little smaller than a regular miracle, but it was a good miracle, nevertheless.

We got into a ten story and we were just knocking it out. We had some good conversations at the door, but no one had really let us in or anything, not a big deal. We just kept going. And then we knock on this door, right? He opens the door. I tell him that we are missionaries and that we are doing a survey. He tells us that he isn't a believer, and we tell him that is not a big deal to us (I mean, all the better, right?) and then he is like, oh yeah, come on in! He starts kind of like, shuffling stuff around, tiding up a little, and then lets us in. We just asked him a couple of questions. How many books do you read a year? 5-10. Are you interested in a free english class? No. I am too busy. What is the most important thing in your life? My family. Then he told us about his little five year old girl. Do you believe in life after death? You know, I do. And you might think it is weird because I am not religious, but I really do. If you could ask any question to God, what would you ask? Well, I would have to believe in God to ask Him something. and then I didn't really know what to do... So I asked him what he thought the purpose was to our life. And he said, I don't know. It was just, so awkward. I didn't really know what to do, or what to say, so I just testified of God's plan for us, and then just threw this one out there--we normally meet with people so we can talk more about these things and how we can understand our purpose on life more. Can we come back another time? Here is the miracle-- he says yes! Not like, hmm, maybe, but yes. Can we meet tomorrow? Unfortunately n
o, but we are meeting with him on Tuesday. He told us that he had been thinking how he needs more direction in his life, and more guidance, and then we knocked on his door. I thought it was cool, and then he said, literally. As soon as I thought that, you knocked on my door. What a miracle.

We also had a musical number in church with recorders. And, that made me start thinking... maybe I want a recorder for Christmas!! I mean, I don't know how to play... but I know Matthew was pretty good at it. Didn't he play it at like... the Renaissance festival a couple of times?

Oh. In other news, the weather has been super awesome. I am not even wearing tights anymore. Hmm... people might be upset about that. Last night a lady gave us sweatshirts and socks and she made us wear them home because she was certain we were freezing. We had to take some backstreets home, because we might have looked silly! Ha...

Things are going super great with the girl from the forest. Ha. She and her boyfriend came to church, and they really liked it. He was a big fan of the music, and how simple and gorgeous everything was. They also came over to dinner at the Steel's where we carved pumpkins!! They are so great. She is so important to me, and I feel like we have a really great connection. I am so blessed to be able to teach her. We haven't gotten into the commandments yet, but she was telling us about how she wants to marry her boyfriend, so that is really exciting! I am so excited for her. I just love her!

Well. All is well here. The whole, all of my friends having kids is starting to really weird me out, but it is good that I probably find out about them before I go home, so keep that news coming, I guess.

Egyem meg a szívedet,
Kennedy novér

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