Monday, November 25, 2013

so, I read out of a hymnbook instead of giving a talk...

November 25, 2013

Dear family,

I am super glad everyone had so much fun in New York. I am hoping one day to go visit everyone out there :) I am also sad to inform you mom, that I won't be able to make it to the halloween party! If only I had go the invitation sooner... BIG OL' SHOUT OUT FOR THE REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!!!! It's heaven in an orange package. Plus sprees. I had totally forgotten those exist. It was super delicious, and a great pick me up.

What a great week! We really worked hard to invite all of our investigators to church this week because... we spoke! The terror. Church started 10 minutes late, unfortuntately that is a bit of the norm, and then the youngest elder who said he would take like a minute bearing his testimony ended up speaking the longest out of anyone. ha. he did really good. he has been here for like 13 weeks, and i feel like he speaks better than me in my 6th transfer. gift of tongues, some people get a little more of it :) but he did super great, and his companion did a stellar job too. Sister O did a splendid job talking about seeing others as they may become and how important that is, and with less than five minutes left, I brought up a hymn and read the words of brightly beams our father's mercy, and then testified of being grateful, read a scripture, and encouraged everyone to share their light with other people to show their gratitude to God. And, then I sat down. Crazy!!! Sister O and I had taken all of this time to prepare and we had practiced and we were all prepped.... and due to lack of time, niether of us gave the talks we had planned, but it all worked out. We had two investigators there, and there were a couple of less active people there. It was a good time at church.

We met with our investigator Ági. We are planning her baptism for December 21. She is really sweet, and really nice. She has tons of posters up of people i thought were cool in middle school because she has two girls close to my age. The one is in Buda, and so I have never met her, and the other is going to school, so I have also never met her. We have some really good times meeting with ági, and we have had a member coming to our programs, and it really has made a world of difference. Members being involved with missionary work... SO IMPORTANT!

 We are still meeting with Lilla, so everything is good with the girl from the nagy erdo. They are painting in the church this week, so we can't use the buliding at all, so we are going to her house tomorrow and i am really excited!!

Important things. Sister O and I gave a training in Szeged this week. It is a pretty long train ride, over 3 hours long, and in order to get there before the training 10, we had to wake up at 4 and then leave the apartment at 5:10 to take the villamos to get to the train station to take the train at 5:50. And then the alarm didn't go off and so we woke up naturally at 6:30. It was a nice thing, because we realized our bodies are just super accustomed to waking up at 6:30. Bad thing... because we missed our train! So, we just kind of sat in our beds a little and talked about what we should do. We called the Zone Leaders in Szeged and told them we missed our train--there was NO way we were saying we slept in--and they told us to still come down. It was the quickest we had ever gotten ready. Showered and totally ready to go in 40 minutes. We got the train at 7:50, the Hulberts picked us up at the train station in Szeged, and we got to the training only an hour and twenty minutes late--just in time to give our training! We had planned to not eat lunch there and just turn right around and come back, but with all the confusion and everything form earlier we decided to get some lunch and then we headed out. Miracle happens. We got our tickets, jump on the train, and then we start searching all of the cabins to see if by chance some other missionaries are on there that we could talk to. We ended up going all the way to the front of the train and there were no missionaries, so we took a compartment with one lady in it. Now. This is a pretty long train... and so there are lots of options of compartments. the lady we sat with was the same lady we sat with on our way to Szeged in october! WHHHAA?! So cool. We ended up talking to her until we had to transfer trains. She is a textile and carpet designer. So incredible to talk to her. We explained why we are here and we had some really good conversation. Seriuosly. Such a blessing. Oh. And we found at why the alarm didn't go off. It was set for Sometimes that is how the cookie crumbles.

Yeah, but the training was super awesome. I love working with Sister Oberhansley because she is super grounded and analytical, then there is me who is not! And so we really work together really well. I would say we compliment each other very much. Our training was fun, but still direct, and we drew a Christmas tree... overall, super successful :)

Well! Tomorrow we are going to hopefully meet with a fashion designer, and we are going to go off to Szolnok for some awesome splits, so I will be working here with Sister Peterson. Always a treat to work with old companions.

everyday is beautiful
Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy novér

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