Monday, November 25, 2013

I bought a rabbit...

November 4, 2013

...hat. I bought a rabbit hat! Don't send PETA on me...

We had a super awesome week. We went to Budapest and had Zone Conference. It ended up being a pretty long trip, we had a meeting on Thursday morning at 9:45, and then that afternoon from 11-4, and then that evening from 5:30-7:45. We would have had to wake up at 4 to catch our train, and then the last train that goes to Debrecen had left before our meeting even ended, so we ended up spending the night. I saw Sister Perkins a lot, and we got to talk, and that was really interesting. On Friday morning we talked to President Smith and I ended up asking him for a blessing, just so I can have that extra push, and it was a super, super cool experience. I am very grateful for President Smith and everything he has ever done for me. But... let's get into the good stuff... what happened at Zone Conference?!

Elder Teixeira came. He is the President of the European area, and he is in the quorom of the 70. Super cool. Everything he said was so incredible. He taught us more about repentance, more about personally discovering who we are, more about becoming real missionaries. It was such an incredible day. He taught us different ways to street, how we should really be praying for people, how to really determine success. I don't know. It was just good. But, there were some things that just really stood out to me. I will admit. Sometimes I think, no one in this whole world will ever understand my mission. The Hungary Budapest mission is the hardest one in the whole world. Only people that have served here could possibly understand. It is the hardest. But, during our leadership meeting, he told us about how we don't know what hard is. I was kind of surprised... and then he explained how much harder it is in Brazil. He told us, I know, you think that the white suit always hangs wet behind the door from baptisms, and they just walk out on the street and people come find them, but that is not true. He talked about how they walk everywhere and that we don't understand. They wear through 6-8 pairs of shoes, and then he just kind of started crying saying that we didn't understand what hard meant. It was a very humbling experience. I have been praying for mre humility lately... got it!

His wife also spoke to us. She was really impressive. She told us how her husband never lets her prepare, just tells her to be led by the spirit :) She got up and told us how the white handbook is really good, but a couple of times it specifically says always and a couple of times it says never, and how that is so direct and how it will help us so much. That was cool. She also told us that it took Joseph Smith 60 days to translate the Book of Mormon, and so we should all read the whole book before the end of the year. So, if anyone wants to join me in on that, I might have a bit of a jump start, but if you read like 9 or 10 pages a day you can totally get it. How cool? Yeah. Me and Sister Oberhansley just kind of moved our bookmarks back to the beginning on the train home and started over. She was in Mosiah, whereas, I was only in Jacob. It is really fun to read it together with her because we keep in the same area and we have really good discussions from it.

We met with the cute red head from the forest this week! We told her we wanted to just read from the Book of Mormon with her and work through it, and then we asked her if she would rather us read from where she is, or read our favorite parts. And then she said, why don't we just talk about your church!! Ha. She had a lot of questions and just kind of went through the different things she had heard from friends and the internet and stuff. We covered the law of chastity, the word of wisdom, and polygamy! Scary... but she still planned to meet with us tomorrow. So, that is awesome! :) She absolutely loved church. She told us she wants to come back every week. She rocks. I am so glad I met her! When we talked about the law of chastity she was like, well, i guess this means i probably need to get married before i get baptized. She put those together on her own. She rocks.

Sorry the picture is kind of blurry, but this week was the day of the dead, so we all headed off to the cemetary to take a walk around. It was really great. Most of the people we went with had someone close to them pass away and they thought it was super weird that we wanted to go and walk around the cemetary, but I have always really liked cemetaries. For me there is just something so... peaceful about them, as well as, intriguing. Don't really know how to describe it. I just like them.

sok szeretettel,
kennedy novér

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