Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sometimes when I wake up I think, woah. I live in the middle of Hungary.

Hello family!

Thanks for the great pictures.  I loved the pictures Grandma sent of the actors from the Nativity scene.  Who knew Katie's hair is super dark now?!  I honestly had no idea.  So fun to see everyone.  Also.  I had no idea Rachel got into her program!!  Congratulations!!  What does that mean now?  So exciting.  I am also glad you all got to go to a USU game.  That is my Alma Mater you know :)  I am super bummed about the tea set, but I will go check with them today and see what is up.  Hopefully it gets through.  Makenzie!  I am so stoked you wrote me.  Give Sheridan a big ol' shout out.  I know some sisters serving in Milan, because we were on the same floor in the MTC, but I don't remember any of their names... I just remember they were absolutely adorable and so nice.  She will love it there.  And she will be so fashionable!!  Sisters get to wear the cutest clothes :)

Dad.  For clarification on the Book of Mormon challenge.  I have been studying Atonement.  I have a red pencil and I mark everytime I feel Atonement is talked about.  I am learning so much.  Sometimes when I feel I haven't marked anything in awhile I start searching harder and I then have to apply things to the Atonement.  Maybe if someone has a question about how to be a better missionary or how to really repent or how we can be better friends.  I don't know!  Maybe even just something as simple as baptism or patience.  Write it up, study it up.  So many options!

So... last time I plugged in my camera all of the pictures were erased... cool... I hadn't backed anything up, so that was a super bummer, but we were able to find a computer place right next to our church and they restored everything.  Ahh... Sweet success.  I am going to buy a card reader because I am a little nervous about having any more problems, and so hopefully that won't happen anymore.

OH!  How could I forget?!  I totally got my Christmas package from you mom!  Thank you so much.  The scarf is absolutely beautiful, and it does something real nice for my eyes :)  I love it, and Sister Kimball loves the calendar.  I opened everything before I read the note and I was trying to think of what I could use the second calendar for, and then when I found out I could give it to her we were both excited!  Sister Kimball sends you her best and she is really grateful for the calendar.  Between me and her I think we have done work at every temple in it but three or four.  Not bad for 22 year olds!

We have had a ton of success here, and I realized I haven't told you about it at all.  Our mission is needing to build up and get more baptisms and more work going--so our mission goal is 200 baptisms.  Really exciting, and that means that every companionship needs to get 5 baptisms this year.  Some people have had negative attitudes about it, but I am pretty excited.  Baptism is just a step on the ladder to eternal life, and so we need to find those people that are ready to go up it!  It has really focused our work.  Last week we had made the goal of having two bap dates.  The week before we had three, but we really wanted to talk to one of our investigators about how serious he is about baptism, or if he just likes meeting with us and so he agreed to be baptized, and so that is why our number went down.  Anywho.  We totalled all of our numbers for last week and guess how many bap dates we have planned?  Five!!  So exciting.  One in February, three in April, and one in May.  So now, we just help them continue to progress and help them reach their goal.  We just keep inviting people to be baptized and they keep accepting.  I am so grateful that the Lord is letting me work with these people!!  We found six people that used to be investigating the church that we will be meeting with this week and we will see what they think about baptism and joining the church.  I wrote down the most people in my planner for this week than I ever have.  I know the Lord blesses us when we are obedient!  Alma told his sons all of the time that as long as we keep the commandments we will prosper in the land--obedience brings physical blessings, and I am seeing it here in Hungary.  I love it.  I am a missionary!!  

I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, my Reedemer, and my friend.  Me and Him go way back, and He is so happy when I rely on Him and when we work together.  I am so grateful for His Atonement, and I know that without Him I am nothing.  Every blessing we receive in this life from our obedience and faith in the Atonement.  I know this is true, and if we are ever missing peace and happiness in our lives that we can totally find it as we ponder, pray, and study the scriptures.  God wants us to be so happy!!  Everything on this earth is for us.  God created mountains and snow because He knew I would love skiing.  Also.  I miss that...  ilyen az élet.

I love you!  Best of luck starting school and everything!  If you ever feel like you can't do it and that things are hard, just remember I am taking to strangers about angels, gold plates, and miracles in some random foreign language.  Lucky for all of us we can use the Holy Sprit everyday!!

Sister Kennedy

P.S.  It snowed really for the first time here.  It is really pretty, and comparitively speaking it hasn't gotten too cold... I think the coldest I have seen it is -6 celsius.  It is going to get colder... but at least now it is super pretty :)
P.P.S.  Transfers next week.  Just a heads up.  I think I will probably leave Kecskemét.  But, who knows?!  Not me!  Pray for President Smith to be lead by the Spirit.

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  1. Caroline!
    I am so embarrassed. I sent you a package that I think is identical to the Christmas package from your mom that you mentioned. . . I hope you still like it all the same haha James and I love you and pray for you and hope you are doing well. You're a rockstar!