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His name was Szilveszter.

Happy New Year!         December 31, 2012

Everything is still going great in the middle of Hungary.  Ha... I honestly don't know what to say... Didn't I just talk to you?  Anywho.  Everyday of the year there is a "name day", so, on calendars they have a variety of names written down, and it is another reason to party and celebrate.  Today is Szilveszter's name day, and that is just what everyone calls New Years Eve, Szilveszter.  People wear wigs and masks and such, and people have already started drinking and yelling happy new year at us, so it is a good day.  We are doing our work hours in the morning so tonight we can just hide in our apartment and not get into sticky situations.  There will be a big concert out on the main square and fireworks tonight... and I only live about two or three blocks from there... so I hope that we can sleep!

Once upon a time, I was in the MTC, and I watched a really cool fireside from Elder Bednar.  He recommended to get a cheap copy of the Book of Mormon, the ones with the flimsy covers, and to pick a topic, and then use that copy of the Book of Mormon study it.  I have been doing it with the Atonement.  I am learning tons.  He said if we have a specific question that we can study it and use that copy just to mark up, write notes in, and really study it out.  He said we could make up a whole library of copies of the Book of Mormon that have specific topics studied in them.  I combine this challenge with the challenge from President Hinckley to read the Book of Mormon in a year, and I encourage everyone to prayerfully ponder and think about a theme or question that is important to them.  Maybe Rachel can study missionaries, and maybe Andrew can finally figure out charity.  These are all options.  I thought it would be cool if everyone in the family did it, and then when I get home in a year (being the end of the challenge) we could all talk about what we learned.  Plus the flimsy copies of the Book of Mormon are super light, so we can take them wherever we want!

Inline image 1
Merry Christmas!!  In this picture you can see the awkward moment where I didn't know I was supposed to open this on Christmas Eve... and you can totally see my cool indie style ironing board book shelf!  It is super ghetto and has big brown spots on it so I decided I didn't every want to transfer those onto my shirts on accident, so now it is a book shelf.  Christmas was really great.  Grandma, I am so sorry your package got lost :(  I hope one day it will turn up and then I can count down the days until something else that is cool too!  It just want be Christmas.  

This is the main square with all of the lights.  This was on Christmas Eve, or as they call it here, the Holy Night.  Inline image 2
It was so pretty to walk around.  We walk this way almost everytime to go to the church house, and so I now know what hot wine smells like.  Also I found out they put rum in a lot of things, so I know what rum tastes like.  I am learning so much here!  Oh.  And we survived the 9 meal appointments.  I didn't gain any weight from it... so that is good.

I saw someone wearing a Nordic Valley shirt the other day, it said it was established in 1932.  Is that when our Nordic Valley was established?  

The work here is going really great.  We are working with a family, a real FAMILY!  The dad is interested in English and we met with him at the couple times and taught him English and the gospel, and he told us, my wife would be soooo interested in this.  We just got back from teaching her and it was really incredible.  She asked us how she can change her feelings of enviousness.  Who asks that after the first lesson?  She also asked us while we were talking about dispensations and apostacies and she asked if we were in an apostacy right now.  Good question!!  We had the answer.  We hope to keep meeting with them for a while.  Cutest family.  We feel so blessed to be able to work with them.

I love you all so much.  Andrew and Chelsea, enjoy your cool game.  Matthew said it was fun.  I can play it with you one day, maybe, if you are into us all having fun together.  István said you emailed him back.  Ha... so he doesn't speak English at all!  We had helped him write the little note to send to you all, and at church he told me you wrote, but then he told me that he used google translate and figured it all out.  I thought it was funny and sweet.

We are all here!!
Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy nővér

Dear Everyone,

This is a little film of your children caroling to one of our neighbors on Christmas Day :)  We hope you enjoy it!
Merry Christmas!

Kovács István

2012.december 23. Kecskemét

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