Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sometimes people think I am funny!!

So, I am still in Kecskemét.  I love it here.  The weather is relatively warm, it has been raining and right around 4 degrees celcius the past couple of days, so that is really nice.  Sister Behunin and I are getting along quite well.  This is a picture of us getting along, we had the weirdest transfer day... but now we are together and settled down.  This is us on the train.  I know what you are thinking... Woah.  Sister Kennedy has gained a lot of weight in her left hand--it's huge!!  Don't be afraid, that is just the angle the picture was taken from.
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Because the time in the MTC has been shortened, the next two transfers are going to be short.  So, that means Sister Behunin and I might only have five weeks together to get everything going and working.  I feel like she will be training here and I will leave... but that is exactly what I thought would happen with Sister Kimball, so I keep joking about staying here.  Ha.  It is funny to joke about, I love the ward here, I love the poeple, and I love the city, but I think I need to get out of my first (and only) area.

Dad specifically asked me about the language.  It is going!  I have never learned a language by complete immersion before... So, who knows how it is going comparitively?!  No idea.  But, I do understand context.  Sometimes I don't get the entire sentence and the wording all figured out, but for the most part, I know what is happening.  I have spoken a bit of Hungarian on the streets, and I love practicing with the members. They will listen to me as I ramble along, and they will help and correct me.  I don't really ramble as much as I used to, and I am figuring out a lot more of the rules.  Understanding is easier than speaking, but people almost always understand what I say, and if they don't they are patient enough with me to let me get it out.  A lot of missionaries say that I am doing good with the language, which is nice, but I don't know what I think about that!  I am now in my fourth transfer, so I am getting to be an old missionary... weird.

Oh!  Great news!!  I am no longer the youngest missionary in the South East Zone!!  Since I have been in Hungary, I have been the youngest missionary in the zone... so that always made me feel little, but now there are three younger than me in the district, and Sister Perkins is in Szeged!!  Another city in our zone.  Sometimes we talk about how cool it would be if we went co-senior next transfer and then we could train the time after that.  It would be fun!  But, who knows?!

Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cool.  Missions are awesome.  I hope that you have a good time getting everything ready and submitted for your mission.  I remember the moment when I realized that I could go anywhere in the world.  That is why I wanted everyone to sing I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go with me, because I literally know, I could go anywhere in the world, but it was up to the Lord to call me where He needed me.  Good luck with everything!!!  It will be soooo long waiting to find out where you are going, but it will be worth it.  

I am so grateful for the gospel in my family.  We are teaching a part member family--the mom is super active, her husband is interested, but only wants to be baptized if he knows he is really going to come (an admirable trait says I), a completely in active daughter, and two daughters investigating.  What an interesting group!  We spend a lot of time thinking about them, planning for them, going out to the middle of nowhere to visit them, and I am so happy about it all.  The gospel blesses families.  It is one of the biggest points in the first lesson.  I am so grateful for my family and the love and support you have given me!  Sister Behunin and I were talking about it--sometimes our families are weird, but the gospel grounds us, and we receive so much strength and blessings from our families.  We will keep working with this family, and hopefully we can unite them and get them working towards the temple--because the temple is sacred place where we are sealed together... a family is forever!

The church is true.  God doesn't just give us stuff... We have to work for it!!  That is why I know this church is true!!  Because we work so hard and don't get any physical monies... but it is the reward of the Atonement and coming closer to our Savior.  The blessings we receive from enduring to the end is unreal.  We don't deserve it, but God loves us and so He blesses us.  I just want to help people find the truth... so incredible.

Szeretlek titeket,
Kennedy nővér

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