Wednesday, July 18, 2012

They came and they left.

Sziasztok!           July 18, 2012
So, the English sisters that came the same week as I did have come and gone.  It was really weird seeing them off.  I couldn't imagine getting all of the information that I need in order to leave, it just seems like there is so much to learn!  We have two English speaking sisters in our residence right now, and they talk about all of the principles and things they are learning and it is really cool.  I am glad I am not going English speaking because I tend to make things more complicated than they really are.
I would be extremely interested in starting a "Testimony Collection".  So, if anyone is interested in being involved, please send me your testimony written on a 3x5 card that I can then stick in my scriptures or somewhere else so I can quickly flip to it and get the courage and strength I need when days are long and difficult.
AH!  So excited the Hungarian Sister is in Brigham City!!  I desperately wish I could remember her name.
I have come up with a lot of questions while I have been.  Simple ones like, Why am I here?  What does the mission mean to me?  Why am I in the MTC for 12 weeks?  There are more, I just can't remember them.  So yesterday I decided instead of just asking questions I would find the answers to them.  I really enjoyed my search.  My question for the day was, "Why am I on a mission?"  I flipped through the Book of Mormon and I would just stop on prophets that I knew were outstanding missionaries and just kind of read until I found an answer.  The scriptures really do contain answers to our questions.  It was a really cool experience.  I liked Mosiah 27:37.  I think it is verse 37, but I didn't write too legibally.  So, I challenge anyone reading this to think of a question and then to find the answer!  That is what makes questions so good--they can be answered.
The osik, ancients, is the Hungarian district that was here when we got here.  The first day I came in they were all speaking Hungarian at me, and it was terrifying.  I can't remember if I talked about SYL, but that is when you only speak your language.  We've been doing it at dinner and lunch.  I might just sit there in silence a lot, but I actually try to speak Hungarian in my head during those times at least.  Anyways.  This week is their consecration week.  They just started.  So, they can only speak Hungarian and they give up things.  Some have given up mail, candy, dessert, soda, and some are waking up earlier so they can study more.  It is really cool!  Watts nővér is the coordinating sister, and so it is up to Perkins nővér and I to translate for her while she is doing her rounds.  I know it will be really stressful speaking only Hungarian  in Hungary, but at least there is more than 13 of you.  Hopefully they do well with it and learn a lot, and hopefully when it is my turn in six weeks I won't die.
Can you believe I only have eight more weeks?!  WHAT?!
Stratford family reunion?  Kennedy family reunion?  It seems so weird to be missing them.  Send everyone my love... and my address :)  Dad, I am glad to hear that you killed it at horseshoe!  You always make me so proud.  I always loved playing horseshoe with you... so save me a game in 2014.
We never saw any of the mission presidents while we were here.  The day we got here was their last day.  I was surprised by it, but I will meet my mission president soon enough.  I hear he has turned the mission into a White Bible mission.  I don't really know any different, but it will be a blessing to be obedient with exactness.  Because of this, I will be sending back my ipod :(  So much time spent gathering music...  So, I don't really know what to do about that.  There are a couple things that I have that I just don't think will be practical in Hungary, so when the time comes I will get all of those things ready to send to you.  Side note.  There is this way cool Post-Mart thing.  I take a box to the post office here and then they have it delivered to this place for free and they just call you and have you pick it up.  I was thinking with Rachel in Salt Lake it might be worth a shot.  But, I would really be sending anything back until September, so we can figure it out later.
I love and miss you all so much!  I have never wanted to talk to you more in my life.  I am growing in ways that I never really thought possible.  I didn't think it was impossible, but still.  I'm sad to here about my bike,  but they probably needed it more than I do right now.  I didn't read Chelsea's email, but I will!!  Best of luck to the adventurers.  Matthew, congrats on your new place!  And yes, we finally had grits!  I didn't like them... what is the best way to eat them?  Mom, I hope you get feeling better after your surgery.  It seems like so much has been going on without me, but it is okay, because I am doing so much without you.  Parents, best of luck as you find and teach.  None of the investigators here have forgotten an appointment, so I am not used to disappointment yet.  I AM SO STOKED I AM OFFICIALLY GRADUATED!  I even kind of squeaked in the computer lab I am in.  My diploma cover is in the top drawer of the little dresser under the window.  Go ahead and load it up!  And... I am so excited for today!  Hermana Johnson is coming into the MTC and I am going to stalk her like there is no tomorrow.  I will make sure to give her a hug from you mom.
YAY!  I am on a mission and I couldn't be happier.  The Lord loves all of you.  And, so do I.
Kennedy nővér

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