Thursday, July 5, 2012

I luv 'Merca.

Happy fourth of July!  I hope that it is treating you well and that you are all very happy.
This week has been quite the crazy ride.  We have a baby district, and there is just 5 of us.  My companion, Perkins nover (nover is pronounced new-vehr, and it means nurse, or sister.  Why?  I don't know.), and then our three Elderek.  In alphabetical order they are, D'Angina Elder, Decker Elder, and Miller Elder.  We are all from Utah, except for D'Angina Elder, who is from a town just outside of San Francisco.  My companion is really cute and very sweet.  She reminds me a lot of Ashley Tolman, except she is latina and not a red head.  Her parents are from Puerto Rico, but she was adopted and really doesn't know where she is from.  She might be the only one in our district to not know any Spanish.  I made it a goal to learn three new things about her everyday, and thus far it has been really good.  I have been making friends and I keep seeing people that I know.  Examples?  Okay.  Elder Reese Sullivan, Elder Danny Olsen, Elder Reed Rasband (although I haven't talked to him, I just creep on him...), Elder Jon Fitzgerald, Sister Rachel Austin, and a couple people from school like Sister Jess Wallace, Sister Angie Helsten, Sister Emily Clayton, and Sister Natalie Miller (she will be serving in Camille's same mission, although she is English speaking.).  It makes me feel kind of popular to know so many people.
The MTC is a totally different experience than I could have ever imagined.  In our residence we had five sisters, but now we are down to three.  The two Albanian sister's left on Tuesday, and so things are a lot quieter now.  They were very kind and welcoming, and set a good example to me of how to treat people and be nice.  It seems silly, but we don't have much time to get to know some people and so you have to be nice and accepting really quickly.  The other sister in our residence is Watts nover from Australia.  Shoot.  She has vegemite, so I tried some.  I don't know if I will be trying anymore of it... but at least I can say I did it!  She has about seven weeks under her belt at the MTC, and so she is more than half-way there.
Our zone consists of a district going to various places throughout the United States, two districts of Hungarians (the osi, or the "ancients", have 13 people in their district!  A huge contrast to our district of five.), and it used to have a bunch of people going to little islands in the Pacific as well as the Albanian district.  So now we are just a small branch, but I hear the English speakers come and go like crazy, and we should be getting some new people in the next week or so.  Because today is a holiday, there are no new missionaries coming in.  What?!  Oh well.  They will miss out on fireworks!!
Here is the biggest surprise of the MTC:  I am actually good at waking up.  Sometimes, I even get up before my alarm even goes off.  What?!  It is really hard work here.  We taught out first investigator, Jozsef, on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.  I made up a lot of words and said things that made no sense whatsoever, but I was able to bear my testimony.  It was really simple most of the time, and I also acted out most of the things that I said.  "Isten (God) ummm... (and then I would cross my arms over my chest) szerete...szeretel?...szeretetete.... ummm... (and then i would reemphasize the crossed arms because I had forgotten the word for love...)... Jozsef."  It was amazing.  I can't believe all of the things I can do in Hungarian.  Things like, read, and pronounce all of the vowels correctly, and I can even conjugate for indirect objects.  Hungarian is hard :(  I keep trying to speak Spanish... but that really isn't helpful.
I don't feel well at all today.  Last night I only slept two hours and I feel nauseaus and like I am going to pass out.  I think the food here has finally gotten to me, but luckily I can lay low until class starts tonight at 6.
I hope this was informative and not just super rambly...
Kennedy nover

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