Sunday, July 1, 2012

The First Day

     There really are missionaries going everywhere! It is incredible and so exciting. The MTC is good. My companion is Perkins nővér from Spanish Fork, UT. She is a cosmetologist and said she will cut my bangs and hair when I need it. My official prosylyting card says I will be home December 19, 2013. My P-day is Wednesday and so that is super exciting.
     Things are going well. I just tried to enjoy the day. I don't understand Hungarian at all-- but I should be able to pray at the end of tomorrow.
     There are 5 of us in our district. Me, my companion and 3 boys. There are 3 nővér(s)---> (I don't know how to make things plural) in our zone-- me, my companion and Watts nővér.
        I LOVE YOU!
I also love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
P.S. My roommates are Perkins, Watts and the Albanians. Fuuuun!

June 27, 2012

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