Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am so happy!

Dear Family,

I am so happy.  I really, am just on cloud nine.  Want to know why?  Because the gospel brings us happiness!  I read a little bit in Jesus the Christ today, and at the end of the chapter on the sermon on the mount it talked about pleasure vs. happiness.  Happiness is real.  Pleasure is fake--a gift wrapped up in really pretty packaging, but when you open it up you find it is full of nauseating guilt.  Gross!  Let's all really be happy shall we and find real happiness and joy this holiday season!  Yeah!!  Moving on.

This is in Szolnok.  We snapped this picture on the way home from the baptism there last week.  They really go all out here.  Beautiful, am I right?!  This is me, and Sister Kimball, and Tamás.  It was a great experience from Tamás to see a baptism and understand it better.  It mostly just got me pumped for this....

My first baptism in the country!  It was such an amazing experience!!  I was so happpy to be invovled with his progress.  Misi is so solid.  He bore his testimony on Sunday, which was so tender and sincere.  When he bore his testimony he shared about how he prayed to know the truth, and he said it took time, but he found it.  Some people say that finding answers takes time, and then they don't really do anything but wait.  What I love about Misi is that he worked for it.  He wanted to know it was true, for himself, so he prayed and read the scritpure and came to church, and when he was doing the right things, of course with time it all came!  Some people sit and wait because they know things take time, but that is wrong.  We need to understand the work that goes behind waiting and taking time.

Oh.  Important things, I guess.  I am still in Kecskemét!  I will be here for Christmas and the New Year.  Very exciting.  I have talked with my mission president and I have permission to Skype if that is interesting to you! I have around an hour to talk if I want, and I am allowed to split up the call and talk to siblings since people won't be at home.  I can call anytime on Dec 24 or Dec 25.  Yeah!  Christmas!  But, my companion's schedule is crazy, so I will let you know what her family thinks abou it all so we don't have to keep interrupting the members with coming and going.  I got Grandma's package of decorations, and I got my ipod!  Because it was Mikulás on Dec 6 I opened up all of my gifts from him!  Thanks for the super cute things.  I love the little dangly earrings the most :)  We have a Christmas zone conference next week, so I will be emailing on Tuesday.  

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!  Gotta go teach a 13 year old girl that is getting baptized in April :)

Sister Kennedy

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