Monday, October 7, 2013

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September 30, 2013

Don't you worry. Us Kennedys... we are professional. Found this sign in Kecskemét. Can you believe that I lived there for 6 months and only barely came across it? Fun fact about our last name. It is super for people to pronounce. They love it. I mean, I serve with Sister Oberhansley... most people give up on it :) But, they read my name tag and then just say, oh, like the President! Are you related to him? Yesterday in church an old investigator just showed up, I mean, I didn't know her, but I had heard of her, and so we were talking and she said, Oh. Kennedy. Like the president. And there is President Clinton, President Monson, President Obama... Hmm... One of these things is not like the other. We figure we will meet with her one time and we can just see what happens :)

It was really weird to be in Kecskemét, to be honest. They have the new branch house all done, but I was too scared to go inside, and luckily both of the programs we had planned there couldn't come, so I didn't have to go inside!! Save that for a later day. Pretty interesting being there though, I mean, most of my investigators have either become baptized or they have moved on. We got a lot of finding done, and we got to just walk around town, which was probably the best thing for me at that time. I think if I met with people I had known that would have been too weird. I did talk to a girl on the street, and she said her cousin had met with some elders last year, and I knew the elders, and I knew her cousin! That was neat. She said she would come to church, but I don't really know how that went down.

Being a sister training leader has been really nice. It is a LOT of travelling, and I run out of money really fast now a days (mom, if you noticed, i have probably been using my home card a lot recently...). But, it is totally worth it. We always talk to the sisters before we get there so they can have goals about what they actually want to accomplish on the split and we really just try to help them be the best they can while we are there. After, when everyone is back in their own area and settled down, we call the sisters and ask them to make goals so they can improve. It has been soooo cool. We try to call them and see what is up and help them out every so often, and they are getting a lot more let ins while tracting, and more numbers while streeting. I had a teacher in the MTC that told us specifically that Hungary needs "finders". And, we have to be effective at finding, or else we are just wandering the streets and enjoying the nice, crisp fall air.

Ooh. It has finally become fall. It is niiiiiice. I am wearing a sweater today :)

This is a picture of me, János, and Sister Oberhansley. János isn't looking at the camera, but it is okay, because that didn't affect the importance of his baptism in the least. So, let's run a brief little recap on our friend János. We will start off with the basics. he is 6'3". One of the tallest people I have ever taught. He came to english class my first week, and I didn't know anyone, and I tend to figure that everyone at english class has been there for awhile. The next week I shared a spiritual thought on the Book of Mormon and after class he came up to me and was telling me how he had one of those books. We planned to meet. He had the old translation--I have no idea how he got it still--but he had never met with the missionaries. Our first meeting was on August 18, and we just went from there. He is really deep and has been really interesting and really great to teach. He really wanted to bear his testimony in english at his baptism, and then on sunday he could bear it in hungarian. He wrote this whole paper and he spent so long translating it into english. At the end he didn't know what to say, so he said, that is all, turned around to sit down, and then he remembered and ended in Christ's name. All in all, I would say it was a success. We had a little program after and we were just talking to him and we brought up how tomorrow he gets to get the holy ghost in church. He looked at us straight faced and said, I have been baptized, I don't need to go to church. That was awkward... but I just kind of started laughing, and then after a few seconds János started laughing and then told us he wouldn't miss it, and that he is going to always stay true. I am so grateful I got to teach him. Super ready, and he is going to be a super awesome addition to our little branch here. 

God has people ready. That is what I have learned out here. 

English class has always been a great finding tool for us. We do have a structured lesson plan that we can use, but it is weird because we have it divided into 10 week programs, supposedly, and people are always coming and going within the ten weeks, so the 10 week break doesn't always happen, and then we just end up teaching them according to what we think they should be learning. I am sure it is better to have the structured program that you have with the Daily Dose program. Some missionaries really hate english class, because they didn't come on a mission to teach people english, but I like it a lot. 

Sok szeretettel, 
Kennedy novér

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