Monday, September 23, 2013

Are you a jedi or a sith?

September 16, 2013

Where to start? We will start at the very beginning, that is a very good place to start. I love being a missionary. I love missionary work, and I feel like the Lord is just blessing us in ways I could have never imagined. We went on splits this week, so that was fun. A couple of people have asked me what I do as a sister training leader, and I still don't know. Ha, but we just go with it, and it is all working out. We went to the Leadership council meeting the Friday after transfers, that used to be just the zone leader meeting, but now it is like, all the leaders. So, I went. And we got a good training about the direction President Smith wants to take with the mission and everything, and that was pretty nice. So, we got some good direction and then they told us that they want us to go and work with the sisters in our area as quick as we can.

So, Sister Oberhansley and I went out! We are over Miskolc, Nyíregyháza, Szolnok, and Kecskemét. I went to Miskolc and she stayed here. Want to know what is weird? Working in another person's area. Seriuosly. We met so many incredible people and we kept getting their phone numbers and everything. We got let in and had some good programs while tracting, and that was awesome, and then I left. That was kinda weird. Spend a whole day working really hard and then just leave it and go home. I will admit, it felt really good to get off of the train in Debrecen, but it was fun to work with Sister Montenegro. We worked on different ways you can talk to people, different things with Hungarian, and we also taught english class together. I love english class. My absolute favorite thing to do is draw someone on the board and then just dress them. The best part is, I don't have to know the Hungarian word if I draw it. I just draw it and say what it is in english and then they are like, oh! Skirt, that is szoknya. And then I agree and keep drawing. One member after the class just kept coming back to me and telling me how great it was... It was funny. And then we actually went back to Miskolc for a district conference on Sunday, and the same member found me again and told me how great my lesson was and asked me if I was going to be serving in Miskolc anytime soon. I told him probably not... and he didn't like that. Not at all. Pretty funny though.

These are all the missionaries in the cute little city I am serving in. I will go through the entire picture, from left to right. We start with Elder Nyman. He is like, the youngest missionary ever. Just graduated high school. He is like, my best friend. From American Fork. Elder Cutler. I served with him once in Buda and two transfers here. He is cool. His dream this week is to be on The Bachelorette. Then Elder Andersen. He is from Arizona... and is in the same ward as the Law family. Turns out they played volleyball together. Fun stuff! Then there is me. And then Kati, and her daughter Katika, and they aren't missionaries, but they had us all over to sing. And then Sister Oberhansley. She is my companion and we are getting along swimmingly. She speaks Hungarian like a champion so I am learning a lot from her and that is good, because I like to sound smart. And then we have Elder Brown. I have also served with him three transfers. Once in Buda and twice here. He always makes me smile. He tends to hiss at people, and thought Sister O was walking behind him, and turned around and hissed at her, only to find out that he hissed at a Hungarian. Awkward... We have district meetings every Friday and we travel a lot by train, and we have activities at the church often, so right now you are looking at my little family. I love it. Who knew these people would be some of my best friends? I had no idea.

I just, don't even know what to tell you anymore. We have two investigators working towards baptism, I mean, I guess all of our investigators are working towards baptism, one on September 28 and the other in November. So, we keep working with them and moving them towards that. We had a district conference in Miskolc on Sunday and they were both able to come and they both really liked it. One of our investigators is from Taiwan, so I spent my whole time translating, and so I can't really remember what was talked about. It was good though, and I felt really good while I was there.

I am so blessed to be serving in this mission. I mean, every mission is unique, but I feel the Hungary Budapest mission is truly unique. God loves all of His children. We testify to them everyone. On the street, in their homes, in creepy elevators, in forests, on trains. We gotta just spread the good word, you know? I learned something in Hungarian this week. ige means verb. Or, it means the Word. That is pretty cool. I mean, I liked it.

But, I think I would like to end this email with a really good inspirational picture.

"Wherefore, men are free according to the flesh;...they are free to choose" So, whether you choose jedi, or sith, it is up to you. But, may the force always be with you.

Sok szeretettel,
Kennedy novér

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